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workshop memo

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

February passes even quicklier than other months. We closed this month perfectly with a workshop where we truly saw and experienced how easy and cheap to live a more sustainble life.

I choose to make and orgaize a soap making workshop as this is an item what we all spend money on and in every household you can find. You can learn easily and make it by yourself - saving money and creating a new routine / ritual for yourself and your family. For me making soap is in act of care towards myself and others I care about (like family). I can personalize it and make it unique according what I wish or what I thrive for and gives me space to use my creativity.

I know a wonderful lady who knows everything about soaps. She learnt it from her Mother. Her name is Judit Paniti - she is a Mom of a friend of mine. I asked her to come and share her knowledge with us.  During the workshopwe made two different type of soap. Both of it had the base of coconut oil but we created 2 different type. One was with the essence of rose and the other with calendula. Both herbs has wonderful adventages.

Rose nurtures the skin and has a calming effect - it reduces cramps.

Calendula is anti inflammatory in the body and in the soap it is perfect for dry skin.

I encourage everyone to try out to make it at home - I will also share my next soap adventure!

Base recipe

450 g oil (plant based according to what you or your skin wish for)

137 g destilled water

63 g NaOHPLUS essences, herbs according how you want to do it

You need to careful while making soap as you are going to work with lye (NaOH) but if you are care and attentive will not be any problem. You might need some equipment like a thermometer and a mixer. Make sure you check the process of making it!

Thanks for those who joined the workshop and Judit, that she shared her knowledge !

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