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What happens with what you do not need?

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

As a closing of #nothingnewnovember  and the beginning of the X-mas period I want tcollect few ideas here what you can do with things what you do not need. I do not want to preach here as I also have to develop still.

I realized during this month of not buying anything new - that anyhow I tend to buy more things what are not new and we start to run out of space at home. So instead of buying more I choose to select few things I dont need anymore.

As a first hint from me to you - always start with yourself - I know! It is tempting to select my toddlers' toys but let him grow up to this as well. So I selected my winter shoes and clothes and suprisingely with the ones I left I am doing just fine. I also started to select some books of mine and I also have to go through my crafts and tools.

Where I can bring what I selected

  • Clothes will go with my Mom to a clothes market (Gardrób Közösségi Vásár)

  • What she doesnt sell there goes to charity shop

  • Crafts and books will go donation - In Hungary we have a project called: 'Mikulásgyár' where you can donate items for kids in need.

There are many opportunities before Chirstmas to donate and find new homes to your objects / clothes which are no longer in use at your life. Make sure you find the right place to them, you donate it clean and in a way you would be also happy to recieve it!

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