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Travel light - store smart

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Well, we have some obsession with travelling in our family. As we are a bilingual and international (my father is from sunny Italy) we travel quite a lot. My Mom over the years learnt how to pack smart (using as less space as possible) and learnt what are the necessary things to bring.  Than I came :) She tends to over pack almost every time we travel - so there is always place to improvement.

This is her story - what she is really proud of - it happened when they went to Thailand last year - she managed to pack everything in a hand luggage  size bag pack for 3 weeks. (It was all the time over 35°C - so was not too hard!)

So than I came in May and the packing business started all over again. Our first trip was to Italy when I was 3 months. I am tiny but I have many cute cloths what we need to pack (just in case - something happens). We prepare for cold, warm, storm in every case! What is important to know there are several ways to make your travel easy, light and environmental friendly.

Here are some tips what you can do to make your travel sustainable

  • pack light - only bring the necessary cloth  - especially if you know you can wash your cloths and dry them easily (I also can improve here, as I always take cloths with me what I ll never put on)

  • bring your own home made sandwich/snack (favorite part) so you can refuse the prepackaged food on plane/train - also if you are smart you can empty your fridge so you don't create food waste meanwhile you are away.

  • bring your own travel cup/bottle to refill before the journey with water or coffee

  • if you can - choose an environmental friendly way to travel (car sharing, train, etc) or bike (if you don't go too far)

These are easy to start with. I am really tiny but I think this is an important issue to deal with. Nowadays mobility is a wonderful opportunity what we need to use consciously.

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