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the true cost of a sustainable life

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

As I started this month I was thinking about what this lifestyle brought to me. I collected the following points

  • I feel much better that I act on my ideas and stand by my valuesI practice patience everyday (as I am a really impatient person)

  • I practice self-love and acceptance as many times I fail - but I keep going forward

  • I am more creativeI try out new things - I became more open mindedI do save some money - mainly with products what I make at home (detergent, yogurt, etc)

  • I am more organized (or more precisely I aim that)

I truly believe to start a greener and more sustainable life you do not need money but more like a commitment towards yourself and the environment. This does not cost anything and it is already a change in your attitude. It doesnt require preparation you can start already tomorrow.

As first you can start with the simpliest - still readlly hard one. REFUSE

This is a key - living a more sustainbable life. Say NO to things what you do not need, and yes - also when it is free.

If it goes well and your into change and challange yourself you can start slowly changing habits (ATTENTION! It takes time!) Do not be impatient (like I was and I am still sometime) and be kind to yourself.

Once it you reached far you can dive into deeper level. Like replacing items what you have into a greener / less waste solutions. For this step you need to do some research and save some money as it might be a bit more expensive - as you used to. But always remember that you are choosing a more durable product / object - maybe for a lifetime. If you can afford or you are lucky enough to find - always search for companies who gives you a lifetime warranty.

I am honest here - I really started small and got really enthusiastic fast. I made many things for myself and for our household so I did buy many things in the beginning - on the other hand now I have enough of materials to go for while.

I suggest to take it slow, in your rhytm and enjoy it fully. I love this journey, with all its ups and downs, I celebrate little victoires and note the small failures as well and I learn from it.

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