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Sustainable period - Redy makes women life more comfortable and sustainable

As soon as I noticed "This is Redy" brand on the Hungarian horizon I was really happy and I wanted to know more about how itstarted. I am devoted towards sustainability (you all know) and this was a new idea also for me. Menstruation pants! It seems so simple how come I never thought of it? Appereantly also Dora (the founder of the brand) had a same logic and I had. Me - and many other women are happy and grateful she persuade her vision! Read her story and nothing will stop you when you want to try it!

1. Please introduce yourself!

I am Dóra Molnár, founder of This is Redy company. Redy is a menstruation panty what you use in itself with no other women hygienic products. This is a sustainable and environmental friendly solution.

2. What was the kick off to start this business?

I did already some business but in smaller scale. First I became a freelancer and I was doing content creation, later I met with other professionals and we could develop and learn together, later we made a company as well – where we were executing marketing projects. After it came the idea of the menstrual pants what I was working for day and night even though I am not a designer, not even expert in fabrics. I started absolutely from zero.

3. Where did the idea come from?

My period started and I was unprepared and while I was washing out the blood stain I was thinking why there are no panties what we can use during menstruation? What does not leak and it absorbs the blood and washable. I got excited, I loved the idea and I just wanted to do it. Back then I did not find any product like this in this continent and not even in China. I was extra motivated and I was dedicated to do it.

4. What does sustainability means to you?

It is a difficult question I think of it many times. In 1986 a definition was born by UN but it is so loosely understandable that is hard to lean on. But let’s see the panties. Meanwhile a woman yearly uses 144 disposable menstrual products (just multiply with 10 or 100!!!) with 6 pieces of menstrual pants you are good to go for years. In this way you produce less waste and even economically is better for you. I guess this we can call sustainability.

5. What kind of sustainable practices you have in your life already?

I come from a family where wasting or useless purchases (like bottled water) were never been a routine. That is the reason I can easily share the values and mission of environmentalists. I bike everyday, drink tap water and mainly I learn the most from my grandparents when it comes to sustainability. Of course, I use menstrual pants.

I think, the most I can do is to make the menstrual pants popular in order more people can experience and try it how easy and simple to use and what a simple solution it is. With this little, simple act I feel I can do a lot for the environment and it motivates me.

6. What would you like to transfer to your customers?

Many of my customers are writing to us „this pant is really good. It took the challenge of the first day even if usually this is the strongest day”. This makes me say that probably as the products is new there is uncertainty in people. Even if I made my best to explain, describe and show all information about these pants on the website, customers are not 100% sure after the order.

After they try and it works they are in an euphoric state – as it works „All true what they said!”. This is an absolutely normal reaction and I am happy about it that we have conscious customers. This is the message when you can believe that works and we give also a 40 days guarantee as well.

7. What / Who inspires you?

Maybe sounds strange, but my own future perspective.

I dedicate many time to imagine where I want to be in 5-10 years from now. All these are changing obviously but I have the main guideline.

When I started Redy, helped me a lot this process. I always thought about it how wonderful will be when people are using the menstrual pants and apparently this is what is happening now and it makes me extremely happy that I reached my goal.

The next goal is that news should not be that „in Hungary there are menstrual pants” but that Redy came out with a new model. We are already working on that.

8. When will you be satisfied?

I am already! At the moment I am giving an interview to you, soon someone will read it and hopefully will take 1-2 motivation thoughts with him/herself from these lines. (maybe he/she will go after her/his own idea) and Redy is working.

I am going forward, have a lot of plan but I always aim to be satisfied along the way. Just for you to see, I have been working on the product for 1,5 years now and we started 3 months ago. I put so many energy in preparing it and it runs only for short time with success that I am happy about it. And yes, joy and happiness goes hand in hand.

9. How did you start working with this topic?

The idea came and the more I was thinking about it, the better it seemed. Simply because it gives solution for many different issues, like leaking, sustainability, environmental protection even on menstrual problems or incontinence.

Moreover it is simply unbelievable that only 5 different products exist for menstruation and from this five 2 is disposal, whilst almost all women have a monthly period. This is also the reason I want to share the idea of the menstrual pants – as here in Hungary very few people.

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