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Sustainable home - during quarantine

I have collected few ideas, what are the areas what I am not giving up – not even during quarantine times at my home. Also I have some extra areas where I became more conscious and the current situation urges me for creativity.

The virus (COVID-19) is all over the world – no need to make it “nicer”. WHO is already announced the pandemic situation few months ago. In many cases this overwrite most our habits and routines. After the first weeks’ shock effect we start to adapt to our new life, create new routines. Many of may friends asked and I see also on myself how priorities are changing with the new situation. Sustainability, as a core value in my life is still there it is just changing and urges me to find new solutions.

I would love to share with you all my habits what remind the same or the new ones I started up during these weeks.

1. Cleaning products

I do not neglect my well-working cleaning products during pandemic. Even I created new ones to keep clean the metal surfaces and those objects we touch the most during the day )keys, doorknobs, handles, etc.). I did not buy extra – ready made – fertilizers, but I did buy some extra bottle of alcohol (70%) in the pharmacy to make new ones for home and I bought 100% pure bio essential oil of teatree and levander as they both have fertilizer effect.

2. Vegetarian and Vegan meals

We are not vegetarians – as my son eats meat – we eat s well 2-3 times a week. During these weeks we eat much more vegetables and legumes. It is faster to prepare and many cases when we make more we just put into the freezer if we do not want to cook everyday. We share the cooking responsibility with my husband. Mainly he cooks for lunch and I prepare dinner (also I make the bread). We realized to make vegetarian/vegan dishes it takes less time and also much more healther for all.

3. Being a plant lady!

At my home I have many plants and luckily they also like to live with me. Now, that I am all the time home they get special treatment as well. Spring is also in their favor so I will replant them – I already gathered all necessary tools for it and I will move them to the balcony. It is also a great period of the year to start planting from seed (we can easily involve into this activity children from early age as well). It is a great and therapeutic activity for all. The best is to choose plants what we will consume as well (species or tomatos). Last but not least it is a wonderful option to use up our kitchen scrap – like the coffee grounds, egg shells or the banana peels. We can make a great nurturing mix for our beloved plants. An extra tip, if you cook potato or pasta you can also use the water after (if you don’t put salt in it) to water you plants.

4. Personal hygiene

Luckily, this is the are of my less waste lifestyle what effected the pandemic. It only urged me for a bit more of creativity. As we wash our hands much more the soaps we use up more quickly. Unfortunately I am low in soap and being at home with a 1 month old and an almost 3 years old I will not make a new batch of soap. But I can make liquid soap! All the other products I make and use as I do normally – like deodorant, hand cream, tooth powder, etc.)

5. Bake it your own style

I started to grow my own sourgh dough in January and it is already a success that is still alive after 3 months. Over the busy workdays many time I just did not have the time or the willingness to make the bread but being at home more than a months I am extremely proud that we almost never buy bread at the bakery but I am able to make it. Not to mention that baking bread and woking with sourgh dough has a therapeutic effect as well – so it is not only good for my family but for my mental health as well.

To make bread you really do not need anything fancy but some extra care and attention. I highly recommend to all to try!

Of course, you can also start making anything else. You can make your own yogurt, granola or popcorn – with this you also save money, time and packaging so you make the Earth smile a bit as well.

5+1. Support Small Businesses

As we are restricted to go out – apart from shopping food, or have a little walk – we can be immerse into online shops and their offers. At this current situation many small businesses are having trouble to sustain themselves finically that’s why to support them with our purchases is lifesaving for them and more important than ever.

I kindly ask you, in case you need something, just look around and search for local, small businesses it will mean the world for them and I assure you they do and prepare their products and services with full heart. It doesn’t take any extra effort from your side as you can do it from your couch and recive in the same way at your doorstep what you ordered.

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