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Sustainability and Quality in the most beautiful design

How come sustainability comes more and more important part everywhere we look?

Interview with Dóra, the owner of Kid Today webshop. When I first found her Instagram page I was in awe with all the beautiful objects what I saw. I am truly practicing minimalism but there are some objects what is hard to say no to. I am really happy I managed to make this internview with her. So you can also read about her, and why she finds so important to talk about functionality and sustainability! Read her words with love!

Please introduce youself shortly! What did lead you till the point to open your own wenshop?

I am Dóra, the owner of KidToday webshop and a Mom of a 5 year old little girl. I guess, you can imagine who inspired me to start my own business. After my daughter was born I ralized that the objects what I wish to sorrund ourselves with does not exist in Hungary. Starting from this realization I started a long research and I slowly found my partners.

What does sustainability means to you?

It means common responsability in the level of society and conscious consumerism. Also in a personal level menas that my daughter is now 5 and since 3 years she collects and donate her toys for kids in need.

You, as a consumer what kind of values are you looking for in a product? What criterias do you use when selecting products for the webshop?

I am a "terrible" consumer. I always have a very firm idea what I want and what this product need to serve for. Because of this reason I hardly can acquire them on first hand. I am looking for the functional, minimalistic design objects. I do not like harsh colors or patterns – both in case of object, clothes or for example diary. I got bored that here in Hungary I couldnt find alternatives. In the field of the kids’ design this is even harder. Apart from sustainability – these priorties were important for me (functionality and design).

How consciousness appears in your everyday life?

As I see it is getting always easier to sneak in your daily life little, tiny green solutions. I do not want to go into deatils but I belive nowadays everyone who wants to avoid plastic or select the garbage selectively have an option to do so. Or simply just consume less! Not to mention gratefulness, to practice gratitude daily - from here it is only one step to donate and do a good deed. Obviously we are aint no saints and we do have clothes from fast fashion companies or plastic cup in the cupboard. But the important is that always less is less.

Why this topic is so kind to your heart?

Well I would rather say this is my mission, the base value of my family. I truly believe this is the future and we can shape it as conscious parents so we can raise conscious kids for the next generation.

What kind of challanges did you meet while building your business? How did you cope with it?

My ’official’ job is an legal expert what is a really strict and hierarhized environment. In the business world you need really different competences. After 10 years of legal background this field is totally new area for me – I am still getting the taste of it. I have to admit I am really happy that this passion of mine also got some place in my life – this is like a dream come true. The journey was really long and challanging but without these it wouldnt be the same.

What do you suggest for you customers – how they can be more consicous customers?

In these days in many field the old customs of how we purchase are going through a really big change. The aim is to support and find fair trade and sustainable products in a way we dont have to make any compromise. On the other hand to be conscious you need courage as well – as it asks for change in you and in your lifestyle as well. I do hope that soon change will come also in a bigger scale and also the majority of the society will admit that the „more for less” concept in most of the cases does not worth it. Not even financially.

What was for you the very first step towards consciousness / for a more sustainable life?

When I was living in London few years ago somehow consciousness bacame a part of me without notice. Back in 2010 – at the university was absolute evident that there were no plastic bags or at my workplace there was a compulsory workshop on environmental education. Apart from that I love how in clothing was the main point the functionality as I saw. According to me this is even more important in the case of kids. Clothes are there to support the ones wearing it and not costums what kids need to adapt to.

When are you / will you be staisfied?

Well, I am always the opporite os satisfied…. Once I can change this I will be super satisfied!

If you can wish only one thing for the future, what would it be?

First, to wish 3 instead of one. Happiness, success in my carrier and to pass the same values to my daughter what I got from my parents.

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