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Staying conscious on the go

As I promised I brought you some tips what I always use when I travel – weather its a short or long trip.

In February I was only 10 days at home and March is going to be still crazy. In a low-impact living lifestyle I find extremely important to be flexible in all ways. Patience is one thing what I usually practice towards myself but being flexible is something what I practice always with everywhere and with everyone.

When we travel I can not expect from everyone to be ready for my “strange” ideas and inquires. I do my best to travel prepared but unseen situation are always appearing.

What you can get ready with are the following:

· reusable eater bottle

· cloth napkin (to grab food, pastry to go)

· reusable coffee mug

· 1 canvas bag what you can use for grocery shopping

· food container (I think this is an extra – I usually bring anyhow for my son as we bring his warm food on the way)

· use public transport to travel in the city

Only with this 4 or 5 tips you can reduce many waste and can avoid single use plastic.

In Athen we rented an Airbnb and we ate out only for lunch and we arranged our meals for dinner. We had a supermarket close where I could use my canvas bags but for example I couldn’t get and tzatziki in my jar (we didn’t speak the same language so I will never know what was the issue). It didn’t stop me to buy it but I made sure after I through away the trash selectively.

I always emphasis that to live a sustainable life should be joyful and full of happy moments when you are proud of yourself and the others you inspire. Instead I hear from here and there that people feel guilty over the choices what they make, they feel frustrated if something doesn’t go according plans. My news is here that plans are there to change them. It didn’t come easy for me either and I also find myself sometimes struggling over a plastic wrapped food shall I take or not, but we are all human and we make mistakes and we learn from the mistakes we make.

Let yourself experience happiness and be proud of what you have reached already and share it as a good example! We all grow in this together!

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