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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Hello September,

Each year it brings something new - this time is my consciousness about clothing, fashion, fast fashion and I decided to share my thoughts and expereince with you!

We are part of the fashion industry (unless we live in a tribe with less civilization around us), a way or an other it effects our life and we cannot avoid it. (Not that we should - this is just a fact we have to deal with).

I always liked fashion - mainly wearing nice clothes. I never really followed it - or only pieces which fitted me, my style and my already excisting wardrobe.  My Mom sews and I learnt from her - though I can count on my 2 hands how many times I sewed a dress for myself.

I grow up in a family where were other 2 girls (my cousins) 1 year older and 1 year younger than me so clothes were swapping time to time and both families were visiting second hand stores. That time the clothes were coming mainly from Germany and Holland - good quality so we had nice and durable cloths. My Mom made some clothes as well what I remember we loved (I hope I can show you the photo) but mainly we bought it from second hand stores.

I think my Mom loved it, I mean going to the store and finding treausre. I also grow up like this so it became a treausre hunt also for me. When I was establishing my own style and soon I had my own place I realized you can quickly can have too many if you do not pay attention.

This month I am going to bring you interview (as usual) and some extra ideas how to avoid having too much and how to use second hand consciously!

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