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Secondhand smart !

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I already confessed that I love secondhand shops. I was a frequent visitor of second hand stores and I enjoyed the hunt to find something good and in my size and in colors I love - so not so much explanation needed here I quickly collected more clothes that I used. I had pieces that "it will be good one time" but I never wore them. Do you know this feeling?

Wherever I was and a secondhand store came a cross with no thinking I went in and had a look around. It would be strong to say I always bought something but let's say from 10 times at least 6, and from this 6 times what was really useful and I really wore it was max. 2. It is not a good result and let's be honest. It is really wasteful and harmful for environment, as all the rest of the clothes ended up at the back of my wardrobe.

Well, when I moved to a much smaller flat with no wardrobe or/and palce to pack I realized I had too much clothes. I started to select seasonally - when I changed them from summer to winter and than from winter to summer.

After I paid more attention NOT to go to every shop and also I went only when I needed something and made myself a promise (what I kept most of the times) that I buy only the thing I need.

I learnt to select. I had a list in my mind what I need. I knew my size and the colors I wear. Guess what, I spent less time, money and energy inside the shop.

As I mentioned in the same time I started to select my old clothes - so I had less. It was easier to keep in mind what I have and when I was in the store I had a mental picture about my clothes and how can I mix and match them. I found it super useful.

The breakthrough came when my son was born. Since then I go much less to shops (as I dont have time) and when I go I search for him - keeping in mind all the things mentioned above) - and by the time I finish with it I am usually super tired and I just leave the shop without looking anything for me :D

Apart from the joke, I did buy some cloth for myself since he was born but really max. 3 pieces in 1 year. I am planning to at the end of the month - as I lost my favorite and only jeans jacket.

I am the type of girl who was always asked by everyone, how do I do? How can I find such a good pieces? So here is my answer!

Here I collect my guidelines for secondhand shopping (clothes)

  • Check what you have at home and see what you can rid of. What are the clothes "it will be good once" just sell them or give them to someone who will really use it.

  • Be effective! When you know yourself / your style / your colors the search will go much easier, faster and it consume less energy of yours. you can search for colors / brands / type of clothes. When you need a jeans - focus only on the jeans section and do not let yourself be distracted!

  • Check the size and try it on if you need! Do not save time with no trying becouse you end up having a disfunctional piece.

  • Be patient! Going to a secondhand store it is like a suprise party! You never know what you find - will you like it or not! Give yourself time and if you recognize on yourself you had enough and you have no patience anymore just leave and you go back an other time.

  • Do research! After stepping on a more sustainble and conscious lifestyle I made some research about the brands what I bumbed into the secondhand stores.

There many fast fashion ones - what I try to avoid but there are few ones (still fast fashion) who have more transparent process about production. The materials are durable and I can wear them for a loner time. I prefer to buy these brands when I can  and when I find them.

Last but not least just see how it goes. If you never been in one give it a try. I know a bit fashion industry (I worked as a shop assistent in a fast fashion company for half year) and I know also that second hand is not a solution for our problem. On the other hand  at the moment this the most what I can do for the environment in this are of my life. I know and got to know many ethical and local brands, small and social businesses but at the moment I can not afford it.

This is my journey and I accept where I am now and I thrive for the best.

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