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I started this month slow with many planning what is still an ongoing process. This year surprised my with many changes already. Some came from outside and I am immersing in it and my plan is to make the best out of it. Others are more my inner urge to change and restart again ‘old’ routines what I wanted to take up since a long time or hobbies I neglected and I want to keep on doing.

Winter – in generally – always slows me down. In the beginning I was bothered by it but today I learned to listen. I learnt to listen what I need, what I crave for and instead of pushing myself into things I do not like and do not want to do I put my energy in things what recharge me and fulfill my soul, body and mind.

I started (already in December) yoga again more regularly and after the first few weeks of pain it feels wonderful. I restarted meditating – even if it is only 3 – 5 minutes a day. Last but not least I also started baking different kind of breads again and I am not quitting after some fail but doing more, changing ingredients. It feels so empowering that I do what I truly wish for and I finish it as well!

Here I bring you the sweet bread recipe what I really love and no one can fail on it!


15 – 20 g fresh yeast 40 dkg flour 2,5 dl milk 2 tbs. oil salt and sugar (just a pinch)

How to make it?

Wait (or warm up) till the milk is tepid and mix with the yeast and let it grow in a warm place. Till sift the flour and add the sugar, salt. After the yeast did its’ job mix with the flour and add the oil. Let it grow for 30-40 min. and if you have time after mixing it let it rest again this time. The dough will be more lighter! After shape the sweet bread (like a wreath) let it sit for at least an other 30 min and than just put into an already warm oven for 30 min on 200 C.

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