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#Plasticfreejuly interview nr.2 Doremi by Kata Kondás

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I am happy and lucky that I know this girl who is full of enthusiasm and devoted in her work. She clearly loves what her do and she does it with such an energy that it gives to so many others as well. In her intorduction she even forgot to tell her name so let me introduce you Kata. Read her words and learn from her story.

Introduce yourself

I never know where to start answering this question… As the main topic is plastic free July I want to talk about, how I avoid plastic usually as my life is all about it these days.

Since 2 and a half year we are about to reduce single use plastic with the company I work for called: Doremi. Our products – what are much more popular than 1-2 years ago – are all plant based. These are perfect to replace single use plastic products.

Moreoover also in my personal life, in my household I aim to reduce the usage of plastic and live a more environmental friendly life.

We also have started an initiation called: Noplastic Fantastic together ith other two Hungarian association (Zöldövezet NGO and Magyar Street Food NGO). I hope the name of this movement says a lot as our aim is to make festivals and big events greener and organizers are changing their single use plastic products into a plant based option.

Why is environmental protection important to you? What did lead you till here?

Sometimes I also stop and ask this question from myself. What I clearly do not understand how is it possible that people live their life happy, with closed eyes while they harm nature and cause so many problem by living how they live mainly without knowing it. In my case, it is simple makes me happy I can live in a way that I leave less trash behind on this planet – for example I always have y water bottle with me. Or my ecological footprint is much smaller, as I do not eat meat or animal products. I am happy I can bike everywhere and I do not buy things I don’t need. In the beginning of my journey – 6 years ago – I also started by collecting the garbage selectively and I thought it is enough. That is it! Today I know, that the “garbage” what is not becoming a waste at all – so we do not produce / leave behind garbage. I am always learning so I can do more and better.

How do you live this conscious life in your personal life? Do you have any practices?

There are many things what is joyful for me in living a greener life. I love that I always have my bottle and I can refill it with tap water where ever I am. Sometimes it comes into my mind that how much money I spent on bottled water before but today I would be sorry spending money on that. There are some practice what I am involving in my life – like not asking for straw when I order a drink or using my cloth bags for shopping.  It happens I forget to say it or I simply leave at home the bags… These are the things I am practicing right now, so they can become a habit and routine.

How did you start your job at Doremi? What are your objectives?

In 2015 I was volunteering at Felelős Gasztróhős (a foundation about sustainable dining) and they this company. When the CEO went abroad they searched for someone instead and this is how we found each other. By that time the market was really different, now we have new challenges. Much less company knew about alternative replacement of single use plastic and also less people knew about the plastic pollution in general. In the beginning the aim was to survive.

Since the broadcast Blue Planet featured this issue with David Attenborough  and also other celebrities talk about it – more people hear about this topic and it changes everything. People and companies are more sensitive about this issue.

What gives you this company that your values are align with the companies values’?

Yes, it is totally like this. It works perfectly. We pay attention to details as well, not just the product is important but the HOW as well. Like we deliver (when we can) with bike delivery service the products.

What is the most challenging daily sustainable practice to integrate into your life?

To always have my textile bags with me.

What was to most difficult habit to give up in order to live a greener life?


There are many minor things as well. For example, I buy less books and instead I signed for the local library what I enjoy a lot.

I will be satisfied, when….

also in Hungary they will ban the single use plastic product just as in France.

I would love that others….

are not waiting for solutions for others and they take responsibility for their own decisions.

What I am going to change next is…

to consume more BIO vegetables and fruits.

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