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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Dear Plasticfree July,

You came also this year and we need you more than ever. We suffocate in plastic! I tend to believe that for now everyone realized what I did back a few years ago (that this amount of single use plastic usage has to STOP) but what I see people still use it as the most natural thing (too bad!)

The movement itself started in 2011 in Perth (Australia) and since than more 159 countries joined the program.  You can join also individually for the challange! Their aim is not to eliminate ALL plastic from the world but to call attention to avoid single use plastic! It just make no sense you put your bread, fruit, vegetable in a piece of plastic what you will use not more than 10 min in avarage. Producing plastic itself is already really dangerous for the environment.

This month what I will do is to pay more attention to what I buy and how I storage it! I accept and understand that how I live at the moment I can not avoid plastic 100% but there are things I can do.

I already made some simple changes in my life and in our household (still no plastic free). But the aim is ain't go totally plastic free (at least for me) it is about avoiding as much as I can and be open for new solutions what I can adopt into my everyday life if it works.

As I travel often I have to pay attention how I am doing it. I can make simple things, like I do not print the boarding card (thanks for online check in WizzAir  ), I have my own bottle and travel kit, I pack my own food for the trip so no need to buy anything packed on the plane or at the airport. Three of us travel with 1 big suitcase - it is more practical and easy to move around with 1 luggage then 2 or 3 separate ones and the stroller, and a toddler!

Than I already use soaps (so NO plastic package in my bathroom) but now I have too many soaps - one shampoo, one for my son, one for us - so I am looking forward to reduce these as well . But we are on the way. The only liquid and still plastic wrapped item is the solar cream. i have my own what I made - but I don't know what protection it has the homemade one and I wanted to make sure to have a proper skin protection for my 1-year-old. (ofc during the flight it opened and stained MY cloths). Apart from this I have everything homemade in glass or steel container so no more suprises.

It will be challanging to travel as plasticfree as possible but I promise to do my best and I am going to update you about our journey. I will come with some interviews and new products what I want to share with you!

Enjoy your #plasticfreejuly !

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