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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Hello Organic October!

I believe it is an important topic. Especially when it comes to food but when I think of it better it is all important in all areas of life. In case of clothes - as it touches our skin and body. When I think of cosmetics it is also important as we but it in our face.

I promote here and I practice a low impact life but I came across many questions lately. My main goal to produce less waste - but the more I learn about this topuc the more complex does it get. It is not only about the packaing but also about the production line of the product you buy, where does it come and who makes it in what curciumstences? These are all important issues for me - and I know - it makes my life really complicated!

I want to have a look on these questions, what does it mean to eat or wear organic? Why is it good for you and is it good for the environment?

Just as the previous monthes I bring some interviews and extra suprises are on the way too.

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