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#NaturalAugust interview with flowbabystore

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Please introduce yourself!

Hello, I am Karolin. I have never thought of it when I was working in a radio station as a news editor that I will have an online baby store. In 2017 my baby girl was born and in 2018 my business. My business FlowBaby is a a special project close to my heart. It is a webshop where you can find all different type of baby products – all we know well, we tested and we love it. The brands are rarely known in Hungary or not at all. These companies with whom we work with all of them are putting in to focus the sustainable and ethical production. They work preferably with natural materials or their products are mainly handmade.

What does "natural" mean to you?

To feel at home and cozy.

How does it appear in your daily life?

I try to manage my family without plastic and /or with using upcycled / recycled products. We have inherited furniture what we renewed,    we love our old wooden floor and fence, we have many organic linen textiles and finally this year we have a also a tiny garden at the back of our yard we grow our own zucchini, parsley, so many tomatoes and we a basil bush as well. I know, we can still have to develop and grow into this lifestyle but the important thing is that we enjoy the ride.

Why is it important for you?

I feel uncomfortable when we have again a plastic bag in our household.

How did you start working on this business?

Before our daughter (Flóra)  was born – with my husband – we consciously prepared for her arrival with all the products what now you can find in our webshop. I didn’t find any pacifier what I liked – I just wanted to avoid the colorful, plastic ones – this is how we found the Danish brand Hevea. This is where all started. My daughter’s bottle was real bottle not plastic, the blankets and cloths were made from organic or pure cotton. I enjoyed the research where I searched for companies who delivered to Hungary in a reasonable price. This is how we got in contact with our future (now current) partners from all over Europe (Finland, Danmark, UK, etc).

As a Mom and entrepreneur (Mompreneur) what are the values what you want to create / carry on?

I would love that my daughter will be open to the world, to other cultures who would dedicate time to know it better without any judgement. Also for my customers I would love to bring all the colorful scale where they can get to know all the natural baby care products.  The most important is to have the opportunity to choose and then choose the best for their children.

How often do you have the opportunity to stay / visit nature?

As we live by the forest, close t a lake only few kilometers from Budapest – everyday.

What are your future plans?

I continue the research of the natural baby products and I want to bring it to Hungary and Hungarian families these sense of nature. This work makes me happy.

I am happy when,

I am more patient as I was yesterday.

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