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Natural Baby Care

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Tiny Eco Ambassador is my first baby - so you can imagine how much I was freaking out in the beginning (I lie, I also freak out now - like daily!).  So before he was born I decided and ceremonically promised to myself (and some promise I said also out loud) that I will only use baby products what I make, what are all natural.

Well, I have no clue why, but I forgot all these as soon I had him in my arms. Of course there are days when I am supertired and I am just not able to make something or (worse) I have to search and make a research before so I no how to get started with.

So in the very beginning I was using all the products what the pediatrican prescibed for us and I waited and used up all.

After I started to read about home made products and started make my own version.

It took me time to change and also now we are hybrid as we ravel a lot and on the road many things can happen but I am happy with the results I have reached so far. Just like in other areas for me works really well that I do what I can but I will not drive myself crazy if I use an other cream, or a disposable nappy over the trips. If I run out of something, or I do not have with me I just go to the closest shop and buy one what has the less impact on environment (No packageing, aluminium packaing, etc)

I use water to wash my baby boy, or rose water, if we are after a sandy day some olive oil soap.

I have a 'kickass' nappy cream  what I make and I am going to share here the recipe. Appreantely mosquitos like my boy so I do use some aroma oil (made by an aromatherapist freind of mine - owner and creator of Aromillo). This oil what I have is mainly against ticks.

I pay attention on what I can, like we have a pacifier made from natural rubber (HEVEA)  from a Danish brand what I bought in Italy but since you can also buy it Hungary in flow baby store.

Luckily we do not need any special medication, cream, etc. So I keep it to the minimum (ofc still my has the most products to pack) and I try to change the ready made products what I use everyday to a home made version - just as I did it with my products.

Nappy Cream recipe (perfect also for dry hands during the winter!)

  • 1/4 cup of 100% clean shea butter

  • 1 tb spoon 100 % clean cocnut oil

  • 2 tb spoon white clay

  • 3 drops of lavander (clean essential oil)

  • 3 drops of camomilla oil

You heat up all in a pot and when it cools down mix it and pour it in a little jar. Let it cool overnight and for the morning it is ready to use !

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