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Modern Mama


I had a great opportunity to take part in a roundtable talk, where we shared thoughts about who is a „Modern Mom”. More preciously how is a modern Mama these days – and it turned out of course everyone had a different idea about it and it changes over time.

It was such an inspiring discussion and I had the opportunity to think through this from the perspective of sustainability. How much it changed the idea of „modern” in only 30 years. When I was born my Mom obviously washed my nappies, but for my little brother who was born 6 years later than me she obviously bought the disposable ones. So in which case was my Mom modern? Not talking about me, who used both?! My Mom did not even understand why I use the washable ones when there is „simpler” version already. The world around us has changed a lot – and today we put much more focus on our values and being an example than before.

The other great example that back than in my childhood my Mom used to sew my dresses for me – and not just for me but also for my two cousins as well, as she didn’t find anything in the shops what she liked. On the other hand for my younger brother she hardly sewed anything as there where already secondhand shops which was a way cheaper and faster solution. I buy my clothes and my son’s clothes 90% only in secondhand shops and when I mentioned for my Mom I want to make some clothes for him, she did not even understand why I would „waste time” with it?!

In this case who and how are we modern at all?

It is interesting even just to think of it – how we make decisions in our life and what effects it and what is the impact we leave in our environment.

My decisions I make (I do my best) based on the values I have, what I took from home, from my parents. Today everyday I do my best to live my life in a more sustainable way.

Back in times my Mom used to shop secondhand or sewed because it was cheaper or she simply wanted to – she was not doing it for saving the planet. Also because 30 years ago it was not a topic, like today it is!

As time changes, concepts are changing as well and with it also we change. Our values, priorities and opinions what is modern or not! What is the most important to have a clear picture in your head why you do what you and you are able to take responsibility for your acts.

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