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Minurka interview

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I am happy to introduce you these two ladies who dreamed of a space what is more than a store. It is a place to keep in focus sustainability, to create a space for art both for kids and adults. A place what makes you more sensitive for environment in a simple but joyful way. I got to know Emő (Ábrahám Emő) few years ago when we opened a pop up store together (with Cimbi). It was a fun and challanging 1 and a half months and the biggest result was getting to know her and other ladies. She teamed up with her friend Tarnai Annamária and made their dream come true. Read their words with care!

Please introduce yourself!

Our motto is: Sustainable Childhood and this is what we believe in. We wanted to create already from the beginning a tiny shop and community space where sustainability and the environmental aspects are in focus. In the shop the kids’ clothes are changing owners in certain ways and the ones are not needed anymore we give it to charity or upcycle it during the workshops. We want to show that not everything is trash what you do not need anymore.

Why are you into environmental protection?

We want to believe this is a basic issue in our everyday society and everyone needs to have a clear picture about it. We want that next generations have a proper concept on this topic.

Where did the idea come from?

It was like an associative game. When had the idea of the shop, one idea followed by another. Both of us love children clothing so it was obvious this is one the main pillar of our store. Than we both know we don’t not like to throw away anything. As we started to grow and let space for others, many other Mom and artist joined us so we could widen our services as well. This become ne of our base concept. We are open to everyone, all ideas are welcomed in our space and want to host new artist, workshop leaders as well.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is something how we look at the world around us. You should not get into concept what are hard to explain. You should think of everyday simple acts how you can demonstrate it. Something simple, like switching off the light when is not needed anymore or how to upcycle or use more a children cloth.

What role does it take into your everyday life?

I aim to shop consciously. The vegetables and fruits I buy from local, Hungarian vendors. At least once a week I try to go to farmers’ market as well. I try to avoid single use plastic from our life. We collect the garbage selectively and we buy secondhand clothes and / or the kids inherit from each other.

What extra services do you offer to your customers?

we aim to manage a shop what is more than a secondhand shop. In our space Moms stop by to talk to each other, to support young mothers with useful experiences. There is a tiny corner for the kids to play and if Mama is tired can get a coffee while looking around. We select the clothes carefully and with experience, also we make our shop colorful with unique special design brands. We sell hats, bags, toys which are all handmade. Fridays and Saturdays we put our limelight at the workshops. We already got many positive feedbacks on the workshops. I think this i one of our strengths that people who offer their knowledge (artist, pedagogist) are doing it with all heart.

As a businesswoman, how do you see the children fashion industry/market?

Fashion industry is one of the most tangible example of consumerism. Especially kids fashion as it is changing superfast – because kids are growing out of it very fast. fast fashion companies are aiming to produce more with less quality in the past years. On the other hand the quality products cost way more especially shoes. Also second hand stores are changing. There are more with really bad quality and it you have to have a good eye to spot the premium qualities in these stores. We experience that Moms are open to buy second hand but only with quality. The system what we have seems working. We accept the used clothes and they buy similar quality in our store. They do not have to pay for it because that ones we sell they can use it as a credit to buy new ones.

What is in your wardrobe? Where do you buy clothes?

I buy many clothes from secondhand stores. What I cannot find I always try to buy on sale - so it is cheaper. More over since years I organize and participate garage sales at autumn and spring and I can always find great pieces.

Who are your customer? What did they think of the store?

Our main customers are families from the neighborhood. They loved the concept of our store. They are happy that they can leave the already small clothes at our store and find good quality pieces in exchange. In this way no need to buy new and expensive clothes what their kids will use for only few months.

I am satisfied, when…

When Moms are leaving our stores as they found what they needed. The bigger satisfaction is when they come back again. I am the most satisfied when I see the joy of the kids’ face whilst creating in a workshop what we organize.

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