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#Minsgame "fail"

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

If I have to mention only one thing what I learnt on my own sustainable adventure is that NO such a thing as a failure. Still, I have to remind myself about it time to time as I can easily fall into the selfblaming loop and feel guilty over nothing.

I have started this month with so much energy and enthusiasm that I finally select all the unnecessary things in my home.

For a week went really well - I just picked up objects what were front of me but I didnt use it and I gave it away for someone who needed it, or just sold it. After a few days I started to focus on my cloths - anyhow spring is coming and it is always good to check on what I use and what I dont so I can sell or give it charity what I do not need anymore. It went really well than I had to travel for a week with my family for a study visit. I packed my luggage (really smaert I have to say this time) and we went.

My minsgame was broken in the middle and I couldnt continue when I got back home.

My conclusion is that before starting it I would have choose 1 topic/room or whatever to focus on. In this way I think it would have been more effective and easier.

I felt guilty when we came back but I just switched and I finish clearing up my wardrobe so I can start the spring / summer season.

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