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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Have you ever heard about "minimalism"? I got to know the concept few years ago and I was amazed.

Do you know why? What you need to know about me - I am a social entrepreneur who works with waste material and we turn it into useful objects in different kind programs. So you can imagine ! - I collect almost everything with the thought "It will be good for something".

The idea "minimalism" I love it - but I find really difficult to live by it and to realize it in my life. It keeps me busy since I heard about it so this month seems perfect to take their challange.

Read more about the idea here - Joshua and Ryan founded this page. They have a book and a wonderful podcast (if you are into it). I highly recommend! I love it - each one!

And more about the challange if you want to join me - Read here! It is really simple to follow - I am really curious how I will do :)

Good luck and enjoy the game! You can follow me on instagram  and see in the insta story the daily objects I select and I am coming up with some interview as well and I am brainstorming hard about a workshop with this topic. Stay tuned for more info!

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