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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I welcome with all my heart #madebyyoumay. When in December I was putting together this years' calendar ad topics I knew it already this is my absolute favourite! I just love to create, this is a basic need that we all have (someone hears this call claerer than others but it is inside all of us!)

I am a trainer on soft skill development so need to say I truly belive this is a skill that you can train so it means  that with time you can get better in it. I don't belive in such a things like "I CAN NOT draw or CAN NOT sew or no even mention CAN NOT cook" - Can be that you never tried before or just once so you are not the master of it - but you can get better (if you want).

All this I say becouse I also see the development (slow) on myself. This year I got hooked on crochet . I already had some idea about it but I just forget to practice it. Now I reached the point that I am not leaving the house without my crochet hook and yarn :) Thanks for the wonderful start Mamzi !

I guess what we tend to forget in this quick, digital world that sitting down for few hours and doing something that at the end you can touch it, smell it, be proud of it (and yourself ofc!). These are important things and we have to dedicate more time to it!

This month I want to bring you some easy examples, what you can start with and show you some people who inspires me everyday!

Let's get started!

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