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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I guess I am lucky that I grew up in a family where making things / food was obvious. (Well, to be honest, more from my Mom side) :D We did the X-Mas and Easter decoration, the gifts to eachother and we had some crazy baking "party" as well.

It was just always part of my life and I can not be more grateful that it turned back to me (or me to crafting) few years ago and now it is not only a hobby but also my job (partly).

Since I got married to an Italian man - I guess I am lucky he feels really good in the kitchen and we are lucky to taste his creations. I just simply love it! So I went more to the background in cooking but this way I had time to re/discover new passions of mine.

One is crochet. I was lucky to get familier with a technique 2 years ago where I made few buskets from upcycled T-shirt yarn. This winter crochet came back to me in the form of a baby bonnet - what was such a pleasure to make ! (Soon you can read more about the person who helped me with it) ;)

I just love to sit and create something out of "nothing". It has a magic.  What I discovered this time that it can be even omre special when I share this passion with others. So I got together with other ladies and we set to crochet. Nothing special, just a circle with women, good music and coffee and the flow can start. I enjoy every moment of it. Maybe crochet it is not for you but I believe that everyone can find his/her call. Just you have to try.

The other passion what I have is JAM. I dont have a sweet tooth at all (ex. I dont like chocolet and creams, and cakes) but jam is something I can not resist. My tiny eco ambassador still cannot eat strawberry this season so I was thinking I make a couple of jars of strawberry jam so in the winter he can try it out. That was the first time I made with no sugar. It turned out delicious I love it - I can truly feel the taste of straberry.

Here comes the recipe. It is super easy to make worth to try. I made from 1 kg of strawberry but if you want to make more just count accordingly. I had 4 smaller jars at the end.

25dkg of Eritrit /Xilit 1 kg cleaned strawberry 1/2 lemon squzzed 1 tbs. pectina

Just heat everything together and than mix it with the bleder.


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