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Low impact presents - HOW?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I wrote already that I managed to convice my family (Hungarian part of it) to do Secret Santa this year. So after some excuses and convincing the others we made it. Now here I am telling you how  we did it.

This Christmas period was long and very diverse fo us - and I am loving every single moment of it. I started at home - putting up some natural and simple decor around our home (no tree), baked some gingerbread and prepared some presents. Right after this slow preparation we went to a big Italian family Christmas. The weather was birght and warm - for me with no winter vibes - apart from the super shiny decorations! But the atmosphere (at least for me) comes with the people. When the house was filling up with laughters, chit-chats and the smell of wonderful food (prepared by my mother-in-law) it was just no question about why we are here.

We are there because we are part of this wonderful family and eventhough I missed our small(er), quit(er) family from Hungary we had a wonderful week in Italy. I appriciate a lot how relatives travel a lot to see us and eachother and how much time they dedicate for this. It was an intensive few days but I wouldn't change it with noone.

After coming home we had some extra Christmas to share with my part of the family. We got together at my parnets' house, we shared a lovely lunch (we do not fit anymore at or old dining table - so all ideas are welcome) and than Secret Santas were revealed. Everyone enjoyed it and the only  feedback was to make it Hungarian next time. (I used an online drawing system as we were far away when we figrued out). I have already for this an idea - what is, that we can gather in November all (one more reson to meet more regular) and pick the names live on the spot so no systems needed.

Otherwise was working perfectly (almost). We agreed we give only 1 present together to my tiny man (noone could keep it - not even me) But now I saved some presents for other occasions at least!

I can only recommend this idea if you want to try something new and you have a big family. Next year the aim is to conquer Italy as well!

and as I promised some DIY simple present what I made this year

  • afte shave

  • creamwhipped body butter

  • lipbalm

  • croched make up remover pads

  • face wash

  • personalized herb tea

All are simple to make, there are many recipes out there on the internet. Next year, I am going to share these recipes one by one with you!

Enjoy the last days of the year and get ready for a new start!

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