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KIDS' furniture - from local wood to your children's room INTERVIEW

This is a real family owned business and I want to you to get to knwo them. I have more than one reason to hsare their story. Firstly, that they are based in Nógrád county – where my heart belongs. I spent many of my childhood summers here with my cousins. And now I bring my trainings and workshops there. I find it wonderful that every single process takes place here. They work with local wood, and their aim is to create a furinture with quality and for long term – meaning it can serve generations.

  1. Please introduce yourself and your idea/business

I am Jaskó-Reviczki Enikő, mom of 3 kids and a happy wife of my husband. After I finished my studies in 2005 I started to work in the family business, what is led by my father over 40 years now. I didn’t plan like this but I ended up here and I honestly grateful for it. This is a wooden construction company originally, where we make wooden pieces for lamps and furniture’s. We both serves national and international partners. It was a very old dream of ours to create our own products one day. When we made the prototype we were extremely happy. Thanks to a great team we have now a brand where we work everyday with enthusiasm.

2. Where did the idea come from?

Many things had to happen in the same time. We had already the desire to create something on our own. Than this spring a bigger break came and we had capacity to work on our own ideas. Enthusiasm and professionally were given just as the technical background.

Why children’s furniture? When I was pregnant with my youngest one I was walking in shops and I saw products which were pretty but I looked also with a professional eye and it was not a good quality. I would not put those furniture in my daughter’s room with good feelings. I didn’t feel safe enough.

I saw and I know that quality wood can be the base of furniture which serves generations. And I am happy to see how that wooden toys are again getting popular.

3. What does give you motivation? Where do you find inspiration?

I find motivation in my daily life. It motivates that we are responsible for our colleagues, and it motivates me the future of our kids. Also the always changing needs of my daughter is motivating me – building better furniture’s what is completing her room. This is how the newest product was born (shelf). This is how the wooden blocks were born. I bought some in the shop and it didn’t work, always fell so we decided to just do it according to her needs. Also inspires me the Nordic style and design as I love simplicity.

4. What kind of wood do you work with? Do you follow the journey of the wood?

We work both with beech, oak, alder and pine tree – according to the buyer, demand. We fully follow and respect the journey of the wood, from the forest till we are ready with the product. My father goes and selects the wood personally in the forest. After it arrives to our factory where after sawing them into smaller parts. Than we leave it dry for 1-2 years – this is a natural process we do not use any machine for it – this is the most sustainable, environmental friendly way to do. We only deliver quality products – and wood is the guarantee for it. We create children furniture’s but also adults can sit in these next to their kids, to read, play, craft together.

5. What are your goals? Where do you see your brand/company in 5 years?

Our prior goal is that the company /Brand will be self-sustainable – not only a from an environmental reason but financially as well. We would love to advocate the importance of quality wood furniture and how amazing it is to work with locally grown wood. As we have opportunity and capacity we would love to open for other markets in Europe – first Czech Republic and Germany.

6. How important sustainability is for you?

In the factory - as I mentioned - we aim to run the whole business as green as possible. For example that is th ereasn we do not have a dryer - but let the sun make its job. If we have dangerous waste – it is taken care of properly. We heat during winter with wood and from the leftover pieces we make bracket. Last but not least my father goes around with his electric car. We know it is not a lot, but we believe it all adds up at the end.

7. Why Nógrád county?

I was born and raised here (in Pásztó). I lived few years in Budapest but my heart and family called me back. Everything and everyone is here. My husband is from here and now we are here with my whole family. My past was here but I am happy I am here now and I imagine myself here in the future as well.

8. I am satisfied when...

If I think of it I am lucky, because I am always satisfied. I have to remind myself to practice gratitude as well. Now everything is a whole. I am whole.

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