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#Just Do It June

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

This month is going to be about DOing - no heistation, no overthinking, no thriving for perfection. It happens that I just stop and give up before I even start. Low impact  movement and a sustainable lifestyle should be about feeling good that you live according to your values.

This month is dedicated to ACTIONS simply follow what comes, what feels good and follow your heart says. Just do it!

No more overthinking if I have to pick in the supermarket some food in plastic what expires soon or not. I will just do it - becaouse I belive it is better to avoid food waste. After I will out the package into the recycling bin simply, not feeling bad about it.

Also I am going to finish my curtains (after a year) and prepare some practical fabric container for the toys (what starts already to be too much for our taste). Aftre 6 months starting this blog, I am ready to let myself just do what really feels good. Also I want to upload  at least 2 blog posts what I promised to You and myself in May - but than life happened so I will just DO it!

I suggest You to do the same let yourself to experiement and feel good about that you choose a life what makes you and Mama Earth happier everyday!

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