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#Jars Only January

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

#Jars Only

Probably you wonder what I want to say... - apart that I love jars. (It is true)! I would like to dedicate this month to the topic of how to storage zero waste - not just in the kitchen but also in general.

JARS. For me this was the first step what I did when I realized that it is important for me to live a more sustainable life. I still have few plastic containers but now glass took over my place. Literally - maybe I have to much!

I think I am in love with the different shape and size of glasses and I am still in the phase of collecting - but I know I have to get rid of what I don't use.  (But not yet)!

This journey for me started in the kitchen and still I have the most glass container there.  Why in the kitchen? Maybe I spend some time there and I love to eat?! TRUE :) Also I just find super handy and easy using jars/glasses as they are transparent so I am aware of how much I have from certain food and easy to orient myself. Bulk shops are not available (yet) in Budapest so it is always a challenge to find out how is going to cooperate with me on my sustainable 'crazy-nopackaging' idea.

The good news is that there are some people supporting this idea and I just love it how I discover these hidden spots with kind people.

At home I have mainly dry ingredients in jar from corn, through sugar, till oat. But I have to mention that not always I find them in bulk. For me living a sustainable life aiming less waste) means I allow myself to fail. If I do not find the sugar with no packaging first I search for alternative (like honey) but if I really need I search for paper package what can be recycled.

My tips about using jars in kitchen

do not go for the fancy ones - just ask around in your Grandma's kitchen and find some unique piecealways clean it well before putting food itbe creative and make it personal (with labels, colors)if you find the good size you can use it easily as a food container to bring some fresh salad to workmake space empty for the jars and put them into visible places (firstly because it looks good - at least I think) and secondly it will be easy for you having an idea what you have

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