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It is not the end but the beginning

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

It was 31 day of plasticfree living, but I want more of it.

I want to believe that this is not just a month of hype and than people goes back to their routine. It is important to call attention to this issue and social media is a really great tool for it. You need to learn to use wisely. It has an unperceivable influence on our life. Follow your own rythm, your flow of life, what fits to your lifestyle wheather you live in the city or in a village or an other reality. Adapt the practice what you can truly use and feels good. Create your own system and find your own way how to live a low impact life.

I tend to compare myself to others, belittling what I do or judging how I do. I am working on focusing on me and my achivements rather than making comparision.

There is only one thing is sure, I know I am doing my best and still I can grow and learn more. I know this and I act accordingly.

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