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#interview nr2

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

At the end of the month I have an other interview for You! I asked Iringo the creatot of Sorting Bags a few question and here you read the answers.

Introduce yourself

I am Iringo Nemes - creator of Sorting Bags and a Mom of a 2 yaer old baby girl. I offer canvas bags in order to reduce waste and be ready for a more environmental friendly life.

How did you get in contact with sustainable living?

Well, I dont remember exactly but quite a long time. It started 2 years ago, when was the crises of the Syrian war - my daughter was born - and I started to think in an other way - for example about water.

How did you start doing bags?

In 2016 during a grocery shopping I stood at the cashier and I started to count how many plastic bag I use. I was shocked by the number - as in other areas of my life I was really environmental friendly - like washable diapers. I started to think how we can change the plastic bags. I sewed few canvas bag in different sizes and I went with my friend to the market to test it. We had positive feedbacks from everyone and we even got compliments on the patterns - as already the first ones were printed.

What inspires you?

Just everything. There was a period of time when I was checking the tiles of old houses and I fall for them. There are no patterns at the moment but I still have in mind. Once I was in the textile museum and I got loads of inspiration there - and there are the fairy tales. In if you walk with an eyes open, you see patterns everywhere. Last time I even had an idea by looking on an ornament of a house in Pecs.

What do you want to create / do you want to bring to your customers?

 I wish to offer solution for people with what they think it is easier to start a low waste life.

I am satisfied when...

I have regular customers, participants on my workshops and I have a direct affect on my environment.

When did you start doing this?

In 2016 I started as a fulltime business.

What is your number 1 tip for someone who wants to start live a more sustainable life?

Start with small steps.

What do you find challenging living a conscious life?

The most challanging to change habits. For example: If someone got used to it to buy some snacks, sweets during grocery shopping they buy it everyweek. It is hard to give up. I always I ask my followers on facebook what is hard for them to give up. Many of them answer to shop without packaing.

My future is brighter...

when people realize that change is within them. They are able to create change and there wont be any excuse anymore.

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