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#interview nr.5

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

This month I had the privilidge to ask some question from a wonderful lady, Kate Magee - who does not know any limit what can stop her (and niether you) to make dreams reality. I had the opportunity to meet her in Budapest - and it is a luck - as she always all around the world (currently in Japan).

For me reading her answers I recognize myself in some her stories and reminded me of my own journey what I am still on.

Please read this interview with love and I do hope you get the best out of it for yourself!

1. What does acceptance mean for you? To me, acceptance means loving ourselves right now, in this moment, no matter where we are in our journey. Loving ourselves for the things we have done and the things we want for ourselves. Acceptance is forgiving ourselves for the times we have made decisions that did not support us and letting go of negative thoughts, grudges, or hostile emotions towards ourselves and others. Acceptance is being kind to ourselves. It is also having patience, full faith and trust in divine timing.

2. How do you support people?

I support women through my coaching business by helping them get out of their heads and into their bodies. When we start to ease the chaos in our minds and disconnect from the negative voice in our heads we create a direct connection with the wisdom in our bodies. We connect with who we truly are, our values, our hidden strengths and our intuition. Life lived this way brings us deep fulfilment, happiness, and love.

3. Why did you choose your profession?

I chose my professional because I have a deep desire to help other women love who they are, and live lives that feel amazing. I was bullied in high school and this robbed me of my confidence and self-esteem. For years I hated who I was, people pleased and constantly had a negative voice in my head beating me up. I finally reached a point where I didn’t want to feel that way any longer and discovered the path and tools to self-love, self-acceptance and the courage to truly be all of who I am. I want to help other women feel what I have felt and discover the power they have within them to create a life they truly love

4. What do you love most about yourself?

I love that I love people. I love meeting new people, connecting, and making new friends. I really love that about myself. It brings me a lot of joy.

5. What has been the most challenging thing to accept?

Hmm, that is a tough question. I guess, the most challenging thing to accept about myself was that I am likeable. After being bullied, I hated myself so much that I couldn’t understand why people would want to be friends with me or why they would like me. That was the hardest thing for me to work on, and shift in my mind so that I could truly start to like myself again.

6. Why is it important to cultivate self-love?

It is so important to cultivate self-love because it is the foundation of a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Self-love is self-acceptance and when we are able to see that we are perfect just as we are and we are deserving of all the things we dream of, life becomes limitless. No matter what we have been through in our lives, there is nothing wrong with us. Self-love is freedom. When we love ourselves fully we are able to quiet that negative voice in our minds, we can live with our fears, we can re-write our self-doubts and instead feel endless possibility.

7. As a coach, how do you support people on this journey?

I support women on this journey with my body, mind and soul approach to their happiness, self-love and well-being. Through one on one coaching and retreats, I help women connect with their bodies first and start to view healthy eating and exercise as acts of self-love rather than as punishment for the things they’ve eaten or weight they have gained. When we fuel our bodies right, we have energy and vitality, we feel our best and incidentally start to look our best. This helps us create our first mindset shift. Through focus on our mind we dismantle limiting beliefs, re-write old stories and reframe our fears so that we can open ourselves us to connect more deeply with our soul. When we connect with our soul we connect with who we truly are, before life happened to us, to that place inside us that is always filled with self-love. We connect with our values, our purpose and from here we start to create goals and actions toward living a life that is completely aligned with who we truly are.

8. What is it that you love most about your job?

The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing the transformation in the women I work with. Seeing them move from a place of fear, feeling helpless and like there is no way their life can be different to them being highly motivated, creating healthy changes in their lives, loving themselves more, taking better care of themselves and opening up to the endless possibilities that truly exist in their lives.

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