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#interview nr.1

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

I am really lucky to have a lot of people around me who inspires me everyday, by how they live, work and love. One of my biggest motivation with starting this blog, was to share with you these talented and committed people's stories.

As first, let me introduce you Nusi, the lady behind Shamo bags .

Introduce yourself shortly.

More than a year now, I am a Mom first and secondly the soul behind Shamo. My family, nature, travelling and the eagerness of a more sustainable life what drives me everyday.

How did you get in connection with sustainable living?

It started everything with sewing some canvas bag, and slowly I got into the whole. My baby’s arrival just speed the process up as I am more motivated because of her. I find really exciting to discover always new areas where I can change.

How did you start doing bags?

I have been in a tour in Asia and it brought me closer to art and creation. The first ‘push” was a wonderful bag made out of tribal textiles. I could not sew back than but because of this I learnt very quickly.

What inspires you?

Symbols, ancient patterns, nature and bright colors are all my inspiration. I believe we truly need colors, at least for me it has a recharging power so I take it as a mission to bring o everyone. Also sustainability has an important part in the story and it drives me to seek for useful ideas to realize.

What do you want to create / do you want to bring to your customers?

I have a collection, called ‘Zeroheros’ – with this I want to support people with bags, small napkins to change, to leave plastic usage behind. Many times I make them prettier with stamps or I just make some bag from old and lovely curtains. It is a bit like, when someone is buying a new runner when he takes up running -  a nice motivation.  It is easier to start! My bags and backpacks are made from special textiles and fabrics and with these I invite people to take colors to their everyday, to connect more to nature.

I am satisfied, when…

… someone is telling me, that I inspired her to change. And once, even the vendor on the market asked me from where I have my little bag. J

When did you start doing this?

I have started 4 years ago. In the beginning I had other jobs as well, but today this is my main activity (when I am not with my baby girl, Juli).

What is your number 1 tip for someone who wants to start live a more sustainable life?

Subitute your single use objects with durable ones. For drinking have a bottle with you, for your coffee a mug, for make up remover use textile pads and instead of single use plastic bag have a canvas. And I can carry on…

What do you find challenging living a conscious life?

I have to patient with myself and my environment, as change does not happen overnight. Routine takes its time and it feels good.

My future is brighter if, …

If, I see everyone is getting more conscious – also me. It is important that customers are communicating their needs but the main breakthrough would be if the bigger companies would change their mindset about packaging. Till it happens I try to do my best and be an example for my daughter.

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