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#Interview Massage in Water

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

#JustDoItJune  - Well, the idea of this interview came as a flow of inspiration after my massage with Kriszta. I did not event think about (what will she say, will she decline, etc) I just asked it! and guess what?! She said OK, of course she will write me her answers. I was postponing since months going to her and I managed to go (on the edge) but still on time to save me (my body) .

In order to do what I do ad I would like to give my best as a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, (and in many other role) I have to pay attention to myself. Otherwise I will not be able to do it for long time, and i that way it is not so sustainable. Just put yourself up on your TO Do list!

1. Introduce yourself, please!

I am Pabar Kriszta, lomi lomi and sport masseur, soul timer and the owner of Moon in Water Massage Studio.

2. When did you start working on this field?

I have beenn always gave massage to my Mom, friends but I had to make a long journey in order I realize what is my way.

Since 7-8 years I started to get familier with different kind of techniques and I was lucky that I find soon "Lomi" style what determines my approach to this profession.

3. Who do you meet during your work?

During my days I meet people. All kind of people. Those who work in an office nine - to - five, mothers, stressed out students and lawyers. With those who are open for spirituality and with thoese who are really racionalists. There is 1 common thing in all of them. This is RESPONSABILITY.

They all come to me bcaouse they want to be lighter with their body and / or soul but they ALL know to keep this state they also have to take actions!

4. Why is it important to care about ourselves?

I truly belive that body and soul goes hand in hand. If I feel down for sure my body will give signals about it and it works also the other way around. If I activate myself phisically I will be happier, lighter. It charges me!

Till we are young we don't care about these signs but with age (maybe the sound gets louder in our head or we pay more attention) we start to take it serious. We realize (sooner or later) we have to live more consciously if we want to keep ourselves in balance.

Last but not least, not only we but our family and friends will benefit as well.

As we are getting older we hold ourselves back both mentally and phisically becaouse of the routine. Only with an extra small bit of attention we can grow into a fit and well shaped middle aged man/woman and later to and older lady/man who can still climb up on the ledder to pick cherries and can keep up with younger generations. As you will be open and capable of change.

    5. What do you get rfom your profession?

For long time I was looking for something I can do with my full heart and I can be succesful in it. I am really happy to say I have found it.

I give love and care everyday to my clients I support them to find a better of themselves and I start and hold their hands on thei journey to feel themselves better.

For me working with people is a win-win situation. It seems they come to me for help and support but I never know what they bring with themselves what transforms me for better, from what I grow and learn.

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