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Interview Krisbam

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Here I bring you a lovely conversation with the creators of Krisbam. When I found them on facebook, I knew I have to share this also with you! It is a real family business, with support and lots of creativity. The product sells itself, looks wonderful and you feel the care what the creator put in it. Read this DIY family business story and keep them in mind if you need a swing!

Please introduce yourself, tell something about yourself!

I am Erzsébet Cselédes, Mom of 3 boys who are 9, 5 and 1,5 years old. In the autumn of this year I started my business what is dealing with kids’ room decoration called: KRISBAM.

When did you start to create? When were you ready to share your creation with others?

In 2015 I started, when I made little dresses, props for newborn photography. As my third child was born I this stayed in the background. I was always busy with the idea of making kids ‘room decoration but only this year I was brave enough to start up with it. I started to collect ideas and experiences and I started to make swings.

What does it mean to you, that you make the whole product?

I love to be part of the process, when from many pieces I finally have a whole and I love choosing the fabric – maybe this is where it started. I look at a fabric and I see the product. It feels so good when others love my work.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea of kids’ room decoration already since a long time is in my head. All of our three kids loves to use the swing so we had also at home a „nice” blue one made out of plastic. I was looking at this swing and came into my mind how much would it be from wood and fabric. I started to do a research how could I make it. My husband looked for the wood and this is how our first swing was made.

What does inspire you?

Many things inspire me, like the colors, fabrics and my kids. Also other artists, creatives from Hungary and also from abroad have an effect on me and also on my products.

What are your goals?

My goal is that many more people get to know our product – what is only the swing at the moment but I already have thousands of ideas in my head. At the moment I am prototyping a new style of swing what would fit for older kids as well. Another important goal of mine to create my products from natural materials.

Do you buy handmade products? If yes, what are the principles that you choose accordingly?

I love all kind of handmade products. I have bags and jewellaries from Hungarian designers. One important principles is the material, than the practicality and comfort what I keep in my mind when I buy something. I can be also influenced by the outlook of the product.

When are you satisfied?

I would be satisfied when a day contain more hours, so I could create enough quality time for all things in my life.

What is your message to all who want to create?

Even though I am also in the beginning of this journey but I believe that if you believe in yourself everything is possible.

How do you share your time between your business and family?

I find it difficult but my partner supports me a lot. Both helping it the kid and the business. He makes the photos of the products, edits it, writes post on social media platforms and can answer some questions what come along the way. We share everything, also the tasks.

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