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#interview - Greenway design

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

When it came to this month's topic immediately came into my mind - Greewnway Design and I happily grabbed this opportunity to get to know a bit better the creater and soul behind this brand. Candles bring me peace and calmness to me and my home. Since my son was born I tried to avoid it - as it is - not the most natural material what is made from - and I missed it. You can imagine how happy I was when I discovered Ildi's brand. Please warm welcome a real story of success about business with values, what is visible not only in the products but also in their mission and their acts.

Please tell a bit about yourself a bit!

I am Ildi Csapó, interior designer, decorater and since 2015 I am writing my own blog called: Greenway design. In the past years the blog has changed a lot, so do I – as today I am making also soy candles as well and they are part of the blog. Making candles and writing blog is a huge motivation what effects my everyday life.

Why did you choose candle? How did it start?

As I was writing the blog I watched American and Australian makers and their beautiful soy candle creations and I immediately fall in love with it. It is a 100% environmental friendly product, made from plant based material – so I started to make some personal research on the topic. I was curious what was it made from and how. I started to look for this here in Hungary – but I could not find any hand poured soy candle. I decided to make and in 2016 I made my first soy candle.

What kind of materials do you use and where do you get them?

All ingredients and tools come from abroad – soy, wick, the glass and aromas. The graphic part is made by us, we make and cut everything the design and look is made by my partner. All process of making is under our control and we make it.

What did lead you here? How do you balance between job and your hobby?

Many time happens that you just try something out of curiosity without thinking of turning into something serious, you just give a chance it. With Greenway candle that was the case – it started as s simple DIY project. In the beginning I had no special plan, or marketing strategy. Nowadays, my partner supports me a lot in creating a unique and coherent whole as a brand so I am not lost in the details. We became a family business. Many times we find difficult and challenging to have a full time job and Greenway Design but we love it.

What do you get from this “hobby”? What do the candles give to you?

When I pour candles, its like I am resting. The already existing recipes what I have I know by heart as I made them many times – and because of the aromas I am in another dimension. I love to see when the wax are turning more solid and I enjoy to create new scents. As I started making candles a new world opened up to me. A world of craftsmen, where I could get in touch with other creators.

How do you create new scents? What does inspire you?

Usually life situations what urge me to create. A great story, a kind memory what makes me smile can remind me of scents. The ideas what I get I always write down – so later sometimes adding a new scents  to it finalize the process. I work with experiences what can be something simple, like walking by a lavender bush or seeing a falling leaf.

What does sustainability means to you?

For me it means a complex way of thinking, a concept according to how I live and how I organize my life. Also veganism is included in this concept or also instead of buying a dog we adopt. All acts what are not about wasting and living a wasteful life is sustainability for me and it serves the life of human kind.

How does it appear in your daily life – being connected with nature?

In the past years I have a collected quite a lot of plants – it makes me calm. I love to cook from homegrown vegetables, fruits. I love to surround myself with natural home and design products. We live a life in the virtual reality for many hours a day – so I love to in nature as much as I can.

What is your favorite scents?

My absolute favorite is Floral Fanatic – but it was not like that always. It has a unique story how it was born. A customer asked how come there are now flourish scents candles? I responded that I am not that type of woman who loves harsh, flourish scents. And as I started to experiment with it later I made Floral Fanatic fragrance and since than this is the most popular in the shop.

I am satisfied when….

when I think of the my most desired dreams are reality today. I am afraid to say out loud the word success – but first time I will do it in this interview. Greenway has reached its biggest success till now, as we could finally give back something from what we got. After each sold candle we support orphan dogs (Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát!) and their team to help the dogs to find new homes. This is success for us!

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