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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

1. How long have you beenn using the theory of minimalism in your life?

It is a process what is still ongoing in started 1,5 - 2 years ago. My values were changed as my son was born. My focus was more living in the present, to experience fully instead of fashion or carrier. I put my attention on living a more conscious life and I tried to avoid consumism and all its' chaos what comes with it so I got to know minimalism. One year ago I redesigned my blog, what was a smart choice as I feel more authentic and connected tto the content and also I see that my readers are forming a strong community.

2. What does minimalism mean to you?

Minimalsim for me is to reconnect with nature and with ourselves again. Partly it tells about our relationships with objects, how you step one step back from consumerism and also how we find our values and how we are capable to live in the now. Minimalism helps you to find what is necessary and what is not, and what is not how to let it go and make other priorities insetad.

3.  How did you start?

I started with small steps. I read a lot about it and thought about the topic and than I started to get rid of the stuff from parts of the flat (like the wardrobe and bathroom). As I felt its positive effect from the very first try, - like relaxed envrionment - so I experienced success I continued the journey. Lately I did a month with no shopping and it was a wonderful expereince and soon I give a lecture in a festival about to to let go objects.

4. What motivates you?

Mainly positive expereinces. It feels much better to make a conscious decision about a purchase than regret it after buying it. Also, now my life is about what makes me happy and I do not waste my time with unuseful activities. It is quite a motivation.

5. What is the most difficult to realize?

You can not leave behind consumerism totally. I live in a city and I do not plan to move ina tiny village with no internet connection. Advertisements and  people who are around me off or online affect me. Sometimes I have to question myself, that what I plan to buy is because I need it or I am only under the effect of something what I heard or saw.

6.  What are your goals?

I have really simple aims - like keeping balance and serenity in life. As a professional I have goal to better as a social media manager, and also about writing a book about how to create a home without unnecessary stuff. I have already started but I had to give a break to it, as things are did not work out how I planned. At the moment I take online classes of English on Skype to improve my language skills and I wish to travel more abroad and in Hungary as well.

7. What is your dream?

I have no dreams but goals.

8. I am satisfied, when...

I am satisfied when I get a feedback from my readrs that what I shared is useful, it creates value, gave inspiration.

9. What is your advice for an absolute beginner?

Firstly I would say, that you souldn't change everything around you for first. This is a process where you go steb by step and as you go minimalism concept will gain a deeper understanding and it will apper in other areas of your life as well. It is important to create routines for yourself not just start doing everything out of enthusiasm. The other is to enjoy minimalism, because it is about to find your happiness in life. It is not about giving up things you don not want to, just because someone told you this is how it is supposed to be.

10. What do you get from this lifestyle?

I am more conscious than before. I know exactly what are my values, how I wish to live, what experinces I want to live and I work for all of these as well. In the meantime I learnt to say no to things / situations what are taking my time or simply are unconfortable for me. I appriciate small things and I love what simple. My family and relationships got priority and I became more open oeards others. All of these made me more selfconfidence as I have clear values I do not have any more measure myself to others.

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