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Green is the new black

I never really followed any trend. I only picked bits and pieces what I felt close to me. In last year from many places I have heard and somehow reached me a new trend what actually I live accordingly since years and this is a so called "green movement". I couldn't resist and I am happily follow this new fashion. It is actually cool to be "green". I started our social enterprise together with a friend of mine and we were pretty alone in this field and they looked wired at us. Our mission was clear we wanted to show people an alternative more sustainable way of living. Obviously it was anot a ready made, profitable business from the beginning but all the many activities what we have been doing over the years made the business stronger.

Yes, we know and heard many times if we focus on only one thing we can reach faster our goal but we decided and keep it slow growing and organc development.

It slowed me down as well and I was more attentive the changes in my environment. I noticed the packagfree shops are opening one after the other, where you can buy your basic grocieries with no packaging. There are more and more webshops where you can find all the tools and items what supports your wastefree living - like a metal straw, steel food container or a cool bootle. It all happens in a second and I hardly can follow it. There are so many online and offline intiatives that it is difficut to keep up with it. There are tons of type of workshops - like how to sew your underwear or canvas bag or a soap making workshop - it is incredible how much knowledge we have between eachother and it is wonderful to see how it spreads.

I still walk into the trap of consumerism - when I realize that I check the website of the new bootle for the 100th times - but I know that my old waterbootle is working perfectly - so I do not really need new one. Or an other time when the metal straws finally arrive (I had to buy it as it is "so sustainable") but I use it only once a year.

There are really simple 3 stes what everyone can do (with no extra cost required!) for a more sustainable and greener future!

1. Use what you have! If it is a 100 year old plastic box (not possible anyway as plastic was not invented yet!) and it closes perfectly than use it to bring your lunch to work!

2. Refuse what you do not need! - In my case the metal straws, as I can live also without it!

3. The last but most important one! Learn what you can! - In my familiy there is a saying that what I learn it will be always mine. Keeping this saying in mind if you want to leave in a world where also future generations can grow up and enjoy its' benefits - go and learn what you can! I also risk it, that you not even need to go for a fancy workshop for it but just ask around in your family, friends. Your Mom might teach you sew (how my Mom did with me), or your Grandma knows to knit or one of your friend is the master of fixing bikes! What you need to remeber to ask and ask support when you stuck. In case you want to know something special and unique go for an expart who doesn't "only" know it but able pass the knowledge to you as well.

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