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Get ready!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

The ("hidden") aim of #justdoitjune was to get you ready for the upcoming topic of July - what is about going plastic free. Of course, no jumping into to eliminating all plastic from the world (would be nice) but mostly focusing on avoiding single use plastic and replacing simple, everyday objects from your household to a more sustainable solution.

I prepared you a simple list what you can do in order to avoid single use plastic and get ready for July and to live a low impact life happier.

TIP #1

Use reusable bags! - Make sure you always have at least 1-2 with you. They are easy to fold small and not heavy at all. You can leave it blank or design it - up to you!

TIP #2

Use a reusable bottle! - Well, I know it already requires a smaller investment - but how I started it was a simple tomato sauce glass bottle (bit heavy, and I had to watch out how I drink as it had a bigger hole) but for a start it is totally fine to get use to bring a bottle everywhere!

TIP #3

Use a reusable coffee cup!  - You can even bring your own mug from home (believe me, you will be unique! :) Also, guess what?! You can also drink in! Yes, in the bar - give yourself that 5 minutes and sip your coffee in calmness, slow down a bit! In 5 minutes the world won't collapse!

TIP #4

Reduce food waste! - Did you know that 1/3 of all food produced globally goes into waste? Well, what you can do, is to avoid it! Make sure you empty your fridge before you for a shopping and in case you cannot finish what you made offer to someone in need.


SAY NO! - Firstly you can say no to simple things "like no plastic bag, please" or no STRAW please! Or just to things you don't need. I know it is hard (I am also practicing) but every little success is a small victory!

I hope I could help you a small bit with these tips and ideas! The aim is to start small - so you pick only 1 idea from the 5 tips or 3 or all 5 does not matter! The only thing what counts you have to determination to change! Enjoy the ride of this low impact - beautiful and greener life!

It will come more in July with more details! Stay tuned!

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