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#Frugal February

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

This month is short enough to be frugal :) Since the tiny eco ambassador was born I really cut back many habits (money and time consuming) what I had before - like going to the second hand shops.  Obviously I have no more time to go there and also I spend money more likely on disposable and/or washable nappies (still fighting to find the perfect match). I don't lie - I still go but now I am more focused on the baby cloths rather than something for me. Anyhow - we reached the point where we have enough cloths for the upcoming few month and I do not need anything special nor for him, niether for me.

My aim is in this month to save some money (100 EUR) with simple zero waste solutions and not spending on unnecessary things. Let's see if I manage. The money I save I plan to put on his bank account ! With this I want to call attention on of the importance of savings. I know it is early for him - but I really wish I could have a more detailed financial ediucation back in school.

Soon I am coming back with some easy and cheap ideas where you can save money.

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