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Festive preparation - how to get ready for the Holidays more consciously?

In November every year, I start to suffocate. Shopping malls are full of Christmas decorations, supermarkets are playing only Christmas songs and markets open up every corner (surprisingly every year a bit earlier). I know this year is different in many aspect and so many people are missing work opportunities. But I am a small bit happy about the quietness this year. For me the preparation starts with lighting the first candle, get erady with the advent calendar for my son and dress my heart for the Holiday. I hope the change what the pandemic brought to us will be also in ourselves.

I gathered for you in 4+1 point how you can make sure you are easing into Holiday this year.

1. Visualize!

Imagine, what you wish for! This is a really powerful tool! Close your eyes and describe for yourself what is a relaxing, giving Christmas for you. Who is there? What is around you? Where are you? If you are into it, imagine sounds, smells as well. See yourself there! If you can create a harmony for yourself in your head you are half way to win!

2. Plan ahead!

If you can, plan before! – I am not talking about planning the Christmas Eve menu in July – but believe me you can save a lot of stress, time and money if you already know what you will do and award is that you can present in the moment with yourself and your family. Write it down, or just think through what you need, if you need support. In many cases this already a help that you who to turn when its getting stressful.

3. Slow down!

I know, it is easy to say! – but really hard to make it happen! Search for activities what charges you. I think of manual work – DIY, cooking, scrapbooking – whatever! It doesn’t have to be big (like knitting a scarf) but make sure you are involved in a creative process where you can flow. All manual, new acts give you new energy and puts a smile on your face!

4. Listen inside!

If you are a regularly use meditation – you are 1 step ahead – but no worries we take it slow! When autumn comes we all slow down, nature, our body. This is the time of the year when we are ore quite, our body and mind is getting ready for the colder, darker days of the year. Let yourself experience silence and turn the volume up! Listen more what you need, what your body crave for. If meditation is not your cup of tea – just make a real nice cup of herbal tea and sip it. With no distraction – let yourself be – and magic might happen!

+1.Buy nothing new!

This is an Australian initiative, what urges people buy nothing new for a month. As Christmas is coming (and Black Friday) we tend to spend more money on things. Try it for a month that if you need something your search for thrifted alternatives or just try to fix it. It is so empowering when you can make on your own!

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