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February summary

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

My goal was in February to save 100 EUR and put it to my son's bank account.  I guess I managed - because after a while I stopped counting (it is not thing) and I just focused on getting the essetials.

I spent money only on food, expreinces and trips this month. It was a really cold month  from what I suffered a lot and in the beginning I thought it will be hard to keep my promise. How I did it?

I made my own cleaning productsI made my own cosmetics (oils, deodorant, soap, etc) The soap I made during my workshop (read here)NO second hand shops this month

To be honest I thought it will be harder. I only had to pay attention what I really need. I went into shops but before buying it I was asking myself do I really need it? Luckily the answer was NO - so I just left the shop.

My experience in this month that I can be really conscious about what I need - I only don't practice it. It feels good I saved up some money for my tiny eco ambassador and it feels good that I am able to do it.

I think with small changes in my behaviour and routine I can avoid impulse shopping and I have much more time and money to spend on important people, experiences.

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