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Expecting a baby with as less waste as possible

It is not a secret than soon my second child is about to born and our family is growing with him/her – what will give us new tasks, new systems – and as a Mom I will have new challenges to face with. Not just logistically but also I have to rethink our sustainable routines – how will we carry on with this lifestyle as a family of four.

I already had my first challenge when it came to clothing– (see previous post) – and now I found another challenge as well. How and what to bring to the hospital - when it comes to staying in at least 3 days and there is a limited visitation time. In Hungary after the birth you have to stay in 72 hours – and only for your own responsibility can leave the institution after 24 hours. I guess I could solve with less waste at home – but home birth is far from me and I passed on this idea already in the beginning. So I make my best to do this stay in with as less waste as possible.

All hospitals (in Hungary) they make a list what you need to take with you – usually with some smaller changes it is all the same everywhere.

First are the cloth – for myself and the child enough for 3 days. Than there are the beauty products – what obviously I take mine (what I anyway use also at home). Soap, shampoo bar – but as I remember I had no energy and time to wash my hair back than.

In extra I take a blanket and hat to my newborn and some soft fabrics to clean.

Last but not least I also take disposable nappies – as in the hospital they do not award the washable ones – and it also makes easier for me in the first few days at least.

What I will go green(er) this time are the following

· Nappy – As I mentioned I take the disposable ones – but this time I choose more consciously and I take some Bambo Nature nappies with me. These are ecofriendly and compostable as well.

· Redy Menstruation Panty – Last time I failed with the washable pads and most probably I will use this also from 3rd day and on but I want to give it a try. I am especially happy about it that it is a Hungarian brand. (Read the interview here)

· Post Partum maternity pad – natracare from Ökokuckó. This time I invested more time and I searched for a ’greener’ option – what is not tested on animals and 95% cotton.

· Snacks – from my trusty local fruit vendor – who gave the best dried fruits and precious seeds. I will take these in little jars so I can have snacks in case no one can visit me!

· Cutlery and plates – what last time I forgot home and a kitchen cloth (or 2) so I can wash and dry them as well. I will bring also my boomerangshare cup as well – what is a community cup and I hope that someone can bring me coffee as well in it!

· Washable pads for leaking milk. Probably I won’t need it – but in case yes it will be more comfortable than pushing extra towels in my bra. You can easily make it as well – but also you can find in any webshops as well.

· Washing soap – Well, I am not planning to wash in the hospital – at all! But can happen that some cloth will have strong stains what I can prewash a small bit at least and once it gets home it will be easier to deal with it so I can save the clothes! There is a really good one what I use from the webshop of zerohero.

· Towels – not only for drying myself but also to clean and dry whatever is needed.

· Wet wipes – what I choose from Bambo Nature. It is still disposable but – much more baby and environment friendly than many other on the market.

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