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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

DIY - Do It Yourself These days we live in a really fast world - especially if someone live in a city. We always run from somewhere to somewhere. At least, I do - sometimes. We tend to forget to enjoy moments, to prepare ourselves for the holidays. Yes, YOU! Also YOU are important, not just presents what you buy. ... and now we arrived to the point what I want to underline!

This year challange yourself and instead of running from one shop to an other, prepare something! No excuses! No complaining about you are not creative, you can not do it, etc.  Maybe something small - not neccesarely an object! Maybe some cake, a jam or something what calms you down and you know it ill make someone really happy. The list is endless (if nothing comes into your mind I can write you one soon!)

In our society where you exist only if you buy is hard to stand strong in case you oppinion is different but belive me, it is wirth to try!

My Chirstmas miracle already happened! I convinced my family (yes EVERYONE) to do secret santa this year and after some days of hesitating everyone joined! I am already super happy and can't wait this years' family gathering!

How do you make Holidays more sustainable?

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