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Climatestress? Stop worrying! Start acting!

There is no explanation to it in dictionaries yet, but people talk about something what became a phenomena over the years. It comes with the symptoms of anxiety (fast heartbeat, sleeplessness, sleeping disorder, etc.) but it has a deep connection with climate change or crises how it was announced few weeks ago. This is called ecoanxiety or climate-stress.

Greta Thunberg asked politicians last year (2018): " Adults keep saying, we owe it to the young people to give them hope. But I don’t want your hope, I don’t want you to be hopeful, I want you to panic. " Panic has arrived and we feel in our everyday life its effect - not only the climate is changing but hopefully our mindset as well - of course in a positive direction.

I also recognize on myself some of the symptoms and it made me think. The amount of information is overwhelming and intimidating for me what I see/read/hear and also experience every day. It takes so much energy to select the news I watch and follow and check its' background and source, that I could spend the whole day on it.

I became more anxious and stressful and I started to question what I was already doing right. I stopped for a moment and asked myself.

What would help me to reduce my anxiousness?

I always say positive examples are more effective motivators than data’s and pictures or diagrams I do not question if all these are needed or not (they are). In my experience people start ACTing and DOing things when a positive example is there to follow.

I do not think there is a one and only recipe for this state if mind but I can share with you what I do

I focus on the present - I do my best to live every moment fully. If I am not busy with the past and the future I have more energy focus on the current moment and what I can do in it!

I create small routines for myself, where I recharge - I promised myself I drink a warm cup of tee every morning when I can practice to be present.

I challenge myself - I love coffee and we all know this is not the most sustainable drink on the planet. Instead of drinking 2/day I choose to drink only one.

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