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Christmas Decor DIY edition

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Last year I went easy on Christmas decoration - as my tinyecoambassador was really tiny (6 months) I decided that I go for survival mood :) and I did not made a big decoaration in our home. Only few candles and nice aromas.

Well, this year as he is a big toddler I wanted to create all the festive feeling and atmoshere and I made

  • Advent calendar - from upcycled material I sew small bags and each day he opens and finds a piece of duplo and a fairy tale in it. (No need to say he is more into the LEGO - but I made the ffort!)

  • Christmas decoration - Mainly natural ones, like orange slices and eucaliptus branches around the house for the smell

  • Ginger bread dough is in the fridge waiting for shaping itand....

  • Seed tree hanger - This is what you see on the photo and I promised to share the recipe

The tree decoration is super easy, fun to do alone or with kids and you can use later, and of course you upcycle and do not create waste with it

What you need

  • MixerBowl (to mix the mash)

  • Old newspaper

  • Gingerbread shapes

  • Seeds (I collected some, and I had some from spring)WaterRope to hang it

How to do?

You tear into small pieces the newspaper (like your nail) and add a bit of water that its cover it and after just mix with the mixer. You will get a really not really pleasent texture. Take a piece and put into the shape squeeze the water out of it, than put some seed (4-5) and cover with some extra paper.

Make a hole on it, and take out from the shape and let it dry overnight in some dry place.

After you just need to hang it and remember what did you plant in it so after the holidays you can plant it and wait for spring to come!

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