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Business for sustainability

I have found this dedicated and powerful women on the social media (Instagram - TrendyNappy) and only exchaning few messages with her I knew I would love to know more about her and how she started. She is full of energy and commited to make washable diapers trendy again! Read her words - wjat made her change and how she is building her own business next to her family.

1. Please introduce yourself and your business!

I am Tünde Kocsis – mom of 3 kids. My daughter inspired to open a webshop which sells washable diaper sas I used with her this nappy. I had opportunity to see the difference as I with my two sons I used disposable ones and I saw how much garbage we made – and with my third kid – we basically made no trash at all. I was convinced – that this everyone have to experince. Now, that we are in a huge waste crises and we nned people to act – washable diapers are a really simple option to do and make mainstream again! I created a system where you can get the most out of it and it is only one hour and you can use it confidetly! No need for long courses to take in order to learn how to do! Using TrendyNappy is a simple and safe way to use washable diapers. Not to mention that you can find wonderful gabrics, patterns and I keep prices available for everyone.

2. How did you start deailing with this topic?

When I was pregnant with my daughter – many times I faced with the current climate situation – and I saw how much harm we cause for the environment – especially with plastic pollution. Reading many articles I started to make a little research and I found a documentary in the topic. I watched it and after the shock I started to change. I stayed the same person who loves objects, modern way of living but I started to be more attentive to take care of all things in my surroundings. I avoid buying unnecessary things and I gave up on the single-use products! In the same time I found a video about disposable diapers, where I earnt how much waste we create – and we can make a significant change if we only use washables.

One kid – lets say in 3 years – while s/he wearing diapers uses appr. 6500 disposable ones – this is more or less 1 ton’s dangerous waste what cannot be recycled – and it ’disappears1 in 600 years while polluting the soils and waters. You can avoid it easily, with 2 times 30 min a day when you wash the cloth diapers. Not to mention you save a lot of money as well. It is always better to wash and reuse something that buying all the time new ones.

3. What motivates you?

The disposable diapers makes the ¾ of the baby’s waste and ½ of the family’s waste in one household. We can agree that we talk about a lot of garbage. Even if we make no any other change in our life but changing to cloth diapers we already make a huge difference for the environment. I am – as a person – who loves simple and spectacular solutions – and this is one of it! You can create significant change in no time. When they ask about the water usage – I always call attention that we also wash our panties and clothes and we do not buy every single time a new one. This is basically the same. Water is a renewable source of energy. So lets just wash – it worth it!

All in all, it became clear to me that I have to escalate my passion – so I wished I can make people love cloth diapers again. What I build up does not require special knowledge, you do not need to change your lifestyle or your washing routine and it does not even change your daily life or your bathroom. It did not bring any special change into my life so it won’t change yours either.

4. How can you fit in your family life - as a Mom - your business?

Usually I work from home with my little Miss. Boss, who helps me out time to time. I am lucky I can do that – sharing my own time – and have a fulltime job. There is no fixed daily routine. I work when there is work to do – like when I receive an e-mail or a message on other platforms. Many times happen I put the orders together during night or I reply the questions. I do all, to make feel my customers I am for them and I am available.

5. What are the successes what you are the most proud of?

My web shop is only 6 months old and it is hard to imagine that it got successful in such a short time. I did not expect it and it is great. What is even more important are the countless positive feedback what I get from customers – that they love the patterns, or it works what I suggested and Moms/families have a great experience and successes. My biggest success, when people - who never ever heard about cloth diaper or were not involved in ’eco’ topics – starts using my products and they love it!

6. How is the entrepreneur life?

It is hard to be an entrepreneur – many times it feels like gambling. A huge adventure, where every minute is a challenge. It is pure competition and battle everyday.

7. What are your golas or dreams?

I would love to create a brand where the price and quality is in balance. My first goal was to have 100 different pattern. I reached it. After I aimed 200. I reached again. The next one is 500 and after 1000 different pattern in one webshop. I would love to have a platform where everyone can find their own favorite washable diapers. Because I believe, that a cloth diaper is not only a piece of fabric where your baby is pooping but it has style and it dresses you – can make you feel better, brings you up a memory and makes you smile on a rainy day.

8. When will you be satisfied / complete?

I am already pretty confident. I have reached much further what I expected in half year. If I only helped 1 person to start using cloth diapers it already worth it! I love to celebrate small successes – but I have big dreams to reach for. I plan to start my own design as well soon. It will be unique, cool and available for all – as my mission is to share that washable diapers are not a privilege to have but everyone to use and makes this Earth a better place!

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