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Black Friday, White Monday and all what happens in between

29 November 2019, is this year’s one of the „darkest” day in the consumer society. I have no clue why is it called „Black Friday” but I find some connection… Each year at the last Friday of November there are huge sales (both offline and online) in the world. It started in USA but also arrived to our tiny little country in the past years slowly.

Many people use this opportunity to buy presents from Christmas, but many consumer only buy things because its cheaper. No judgement here, I only wish to point out there is a meaning behind how and on what you spend your hard earned money. You can practice consciousness also this part of your life.

I – as always – use my few points of priorities what I usually do when I buy things.

- I only buy, what I have planned to buy before (because it was damaged, or I wished for it since many time and I know I will use it for a long time and I cannot buy used one, or I cannot fix the already existing one)

- Before I buy I check with myself if I really need it ot not. I simply ask a question: „Do I really need it?”)

- I take it into consideration how long I plan to use the object/tool, which brand offers the longest usability, warranty and if there is really no other alternative (borrow, rent, etc) to have it.

This initiative is not from the devil itself! If you can simply ignore it – great! Go for it! Ig you want to challenge yourself I invite you to do so! It is a nice experience! But in case you already decided to buy something, because you really need, just go for it%

As an opposite point, few years later started a movement called: „White Monday” what is the Monday before the Black Friday, or the upcoming one. The aim of this is NOT TO buy anything new this day – but try to reuse, repair or simply refuse what you do not need.

In between there is another initiative called: „Support Small Businesses”, what I can identify myself the most (as a mompreneur). It is about that the movement encourage people to support local, small brands and businesses instead of big corporations. In this case you directly support families, personal dreams and local businesses.

These last two movements are not really common yet in Hungary but I do hope soon it will be as big as the others.

I cannot not mention that in whole November there is a campaign running. It started from Australia called: „Buy Nothing New November” – and I guess it purposefully was put in this month (before Christmas). It invites us not to buy any new items for 1 month. This is a bit more challenging but I did it last year and it was great fun to try and not hard at all!

None of these initiatives are good or bad, but you can use them wisely and consciously only if you know what you want and you need. What are your priorities in life and what are the values you are following in your life! In my experience (I have done that) it can be the same wrong impact if someone buys many things only used ones. The key is keeping the measures!

For me the priorities now are to reduce the objects around me and to invite myself, my family and friends to spend quality time together!

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