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Bella's Kitchen - Kids' dream kitchen made from old chairs

Interview with Petra Simon-Hercezg, the creator of these unique handmade peices!

When I first saw these kitchen I thought of them as a piece of art - what should be in museums. All of them are unique and practical and just good to look at them. Not too much and too simple but the message what it carries are way too important to stay in a museum. I am really happy and honoured to introduce you this special toy what is the absolute the best thing what could happen to your kid.

Simon-Herczeg Petra is the soul behind the brand she is bulding called: Bell's Kitchen. Read her thoughts about the magic what she creates.

1. Please introduce yourself!

I am Petra Simon-Herczeg and I live with husband and 2,5 year old daughter in Kiskunfélgeyháza. Already when I was a teenager I loved to renew old furnitures. 10 years ago it had no such a big meaning like it has today. Back than it took me hours of search in the internet to buy wax (and I remember the only one i found was wax for parquette and it had a terrible smell).

2. What des creativity mean for you?

For me creativity is a lifestyle what brings new ideas to all parts of life. It is part of my everday life. If someone is creative has always soething to do, moreover has so little timet o do all her/his ideas to realize.

3. What inspires you?

I have always been interested in DIY projects, the very first kitchen I made out of boxes of the nappies for my goddaughter. After the first “chair kitchen” was made out of an old plastic chair for my daughter. It was a very sudden idea and what inspired me the ideal hight of the chair what they can reach. It was perfect for them to on it. When some of our friends so the kitchen (plastic version) started to ask me to do also for them. I was smiling at it but deep inside I felt it was something to work on. I started to look for ideas and inspiration on the internet. I didn’t find a lot but what I have found was perfectly enough for a base to start on it. Right after I bought a very first old chair what was in a really bad condition but the back part was really nice. I made my very first prototype for the kitchen chair. It was the starting point as after I had so many ideas that I still realize them. I think everything can be inspirative for me – a color, shape, feeling. I can not pick one.

4. How much do you live sustainable in your daily life?

The closest I feel upcycling for me. I always love to renew old pieces what might be a trash for someone and I can give a new life/function to the object. I feel today is not “trendy” anymore and I love to show people how a “garbage” can be transformed into something valuable.

5. What is your favorite memory about creating a kitchen?

I had to think of this one a bit more as I have many nice memories about making these kitchens. My favorite might be when I saw the face expression on my father-in-law when he first saw the kitchen I made. I cannot even describe it well. He was overwhelmed and amazed at the same time. He did not say a word – but it was needed. Everything was visible on his face.

6. Where do you get the materials?

The chairs itself are the most difficult to get – as not all old chairs are proper to turn them into a kitchen. Together with my husband we go for markets, flea markets and sometimes I also put online an advertisement. All the other materials and tools I get from many different places, I always check market places on the internet. My favorite equipment’s are the porcelain door buttons what I get from a couple from Tiszaalpár, they make each one wonderful.

7. What do you get from one ready kitchen done by you?

All kitchen I make has a piece of my heart. I always care about all and even if it is strange but my favorite is always what I am working at the moment. It makes me happy that all pieces are putting a smile on a kid’s face but my heart breaks a bit when I have to give away.

8. One thing what I would change in a world…

I would change on many things but mostly I would change the mindset of people. Mainly on dissatisfaction and dishonesty. I would like to point out to them all the things they have already in life and they should focus on that instead of chasing something they do not even need. This would solve so many issues on the world – I guess.

9. I am satisfied, when…

When I manage to focus on positive things and all the wonderful what had been given to me and my family in this life.

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