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Before storing

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Last time I forget an important step! Before putting everything in jars or other objects you have to bring it home. As we all know these days there are many zerowaste /less waste option to this.  Here I collect few and share with you how I do.

Oh, and one important piece of information about me! I am that kind of person who has at home a huge canvas bag full of canvas bag :)

My ideas and tips for less waste shopping

  • Always - and I repeat - always have with you at least 2 canvas bag (empty). If you need some quick grocery shopping in one you can put the bread and the other all the vegetables or/ and fruits.If you have / can have different sizes of canvas bag with you - so you can really use it on purpose

  • Make a list! (I still have to practice this). As you have a list you stick to it. You ll make your shopping faster and you can avoid intuitive buying.

  • Bring with yourself containers (jars, boxes) so you can already ask the vendor to put the food directly in it. It saves you time and you can have some nice chat as well  - as they are going to ask (for sure!) why are you doing this crazy thing!

  • If you changing your bag / backpack often - than just put a canvas bag every bag, in the bike /car, etc...

  • Keep them clean! Time to time get them clean. They deserve it!


If you love, creative and unique objects (as I do) you can also make you own canvas bag. I am obsessed with the silk screen printing technique and I have quite a collection from pattern over the years. You do not need to buy the bag either. Only search for some old sheet and you can make the bag for yourself with a quick sewing session.

Also, lately from each trip I take I bring a canvas bag home, in this way I use them everyday and as I look at it I always have nice memories.

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