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Autumn calmness

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Have you ever felt just be quite for a while? No talking and enjoying silence in a place what is truly magical and it is just for you? Lately (maybe because of my energy bomb 17 months old son) I felt this way and the urge to escape somehwere peacful.

I visited Erdei Kisház in the North part of Hungary, in Noszvaj few weeks ago. I found them on Instagram  a bit more than a year from now just when they started to renovate the place. It was a pleasure to look at all the beautiful photos, smart solutions and from the very first moment I knew I have to visit there once. The moment came and even if I planned differently (as always) I ended up having a wonderful day with one of my best friend and of course my favourite sidekick - my son!

What I realized there no terms fit on this place when I want to talk about, it is more than a hotel or a bed and breakfast. As you step in you feel that it is cared about, it is made and cured by love. It feels like entering your home, everything you need you can find easily. It was especially cozy in this birght autumn weather and the chillier night. It feels natural - as it is a wooden house, it feels warm to stay there. Before going there I was afraid that I'll have to work also there and I will be far from everything and at the end that was the best what could happen to me. I did not bring my laptop and I enjoyed fully the nature and the silence. All bird tweets and bright lights during the day, the fresh air in the morning and the smell of fresh wood.

It brought me back my focus on me a bit, what I like and what I miss in the everyday rush. How important is to be OK with yourself and give yourself the time and space you need. As a working Mom I find diffult to do it but places like this can help me.

When I think of my principles of sustainable travelling I imagine a house like this. There many furintires what I recognized that were upcycled and renewed. I could bring me own food and cook with nowaste and I had everything to make it happen. It was a tiny but well equipped kitchen. There were kitchen towels to use instead of paper and they even have an charger for electric car (what I wish to have one day)! Of course there is always place to improvement but I choose to focus on the positive because it gives power for further changes!

I recommend this place if you want to reconnect to nature or to yourself, or you just want to have a real countryside experience.

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