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Apacuka workshop

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Well the story hardly can fit to my concept of #JustDoItJune - as I booked my place in January :) But it definitely fits to the last month's topic #MadeByYou May and I really want to share this story with you.

Apacuka is a small business based in the outskirt of Budapest. A married couple (Neuvirth Judit and Födő Gábor) are the creators of the wonderful ceramics. They opened a small workshop place for them and opened up also for the public. I have to say it works , bacause they always have full booking for the workshops they organize. I managed to arrive there at the end of May with my Mom. It was a present for her as we both love to create and this was a new filed for us to discover.

The place was really simple and practical we filled the space easily with the other participants of the workshop. We were all max. 8 people togother.

We had the oportunity to try different techniques and even though I worked already with clay it was a new way and I enjoyed a lot.

First we had to extend the clay (as we got a block) and after we could choose shape and color. What I never seen before is how they play with the color (unfortunately I cannot show yet) . There is one "full" what you can choose - so your plate will be full (blue, black, etc) but if you polish back - during glazing will be colored only where the pattern was deeper.

As you see on the photos they use "readymade" patterns. These were paint rollers in the 50's/60's and noone use it anymore for wall decoration in the era of wallpapers. So you can find a lot of these in the fleamarkets around Hungary.  I also have some for other purposes - we print bags with it :)

I can't wait to see them ready (it takes 5 weeks) but I guess it is part of the process. I will show ou the results as well, it will be ready the end of June.

It was a wonderful expereince and I am happy I shared with my Mom.

Foolow my Instagram page - I will share some photos of the plates :)

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