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An almost sustainable life with a toddler

Have you ever heard the expression "time is relative"? Well, it got a new meaning for me next to a toddler!

I have been "practicing" motherhood over 22 months now (and I did not count being pregnent as that is another thing) and I can say my life turned upside down. No explanation needed I guess (also for someone who never experienced it useless to start). When I just started to get used to of having a baby around, my life changed again and I had a toddler. All the daily 'routines' what I managed to create myself next a baby (meaning: only sits - max. rolls, eats from my plate some bites, totally fine with one empty bottle for 30 min. at least, does not talk - max. gives some sounds) was gone in a second as soon as he started to move (very quick).

All my yummy baby recipes were suddenly not needed as he (obviously) wanted the same food what we eat. All the clothes I picked carefully were suddenly too small and I had to run to the closest secondhand shop to upgrade his wardrobe.

In many aspects our life got simpler (cooking) and easy and I love it but I just feel time flies too fast and in the same time there days that do not want to end. My list about things I have to get done is only getting longer and I need to add things to it. I just feel really difficult right now even to get to the bulk store (which is far from us) to get our monthly shopping. I make compromises. I do not go for the bulk store and I by vinegar in plastic bottle but I spent more time with my son.

I made an agreement with me that he comes first. I keep this promise whatever comes and I have to tell you it makes me calm.

Sustainable lifestyle, or zerowaste lifestyle in my eyes is not about perfection, but about doing it and sharing its beauty with others what might inspire them to start so we are more and more.

I am not here to preach about perfect living but I want to share with my personal stories, ideas and tips to live a more sustainable and fully happy life in line with my values.

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